Water hand

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I've heard (numerous times) that Aquaman's water hand can dehydrate people on touch. However I never actually found any scan of Aquaman doing this. Does anyone have such scans? Thanks :)

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I never saw it and when i ask for scans nobody never shows me. I think it's all a misunderstand. In issue #3 or #4 of lady of he lake arc he used the waterhand to counter the magic of an atlantean magical armor that Rodunn was using at time, it has water in it making atlantean survive out of water for longer time. Later he defeats an colossal magical creature with his hand, but he does that by breaking the spell not by dehydration.

But he might used it in JLA but i never read it and again no one ever showed me.

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Never seen it either. so idk

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Yeah, I've never seen this either.

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He only did it once, IIRC. Also the Lady of the Lake told him to not use the hand that way.

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@comicfan11 might have the scan.

I don't. I got these though, not that it answers your question.

Detatching / various examples of its healing powers / dispelling magic / scrying / hydrokinesis powers

It also can harden and form into other shapes, shoot water blasts, openportals to other dimensions and pretty much eliminates Aquaman's need hydrate.

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Yea never seen that scan.

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i'm hunting for it. heard of it............apparently it doesn't exist?

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i'm hunting for it. heard of it............apparently it doesn't exist?

It never happened in Aquaman's main series. So if it did, it happened in some one shot or something.

Its listed on the official DC wiki for its powerset, but I haven't seen the scan.

Besides, the Water Hand is specifically given to Arthur so he can "heal the world". The Water Hand's healing properties are extremely powerful and the Lady of the Lake wanted it used only for that purpose. She even got mad when he was fighting too much with it.

So I don't really see it being used that way, even if its within its capabilities.

And its not like he needs it anyway, the hands' abilities are hax enough.

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