Top 5 skins I want in injustice

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1) Sea Camo

2) Orm as Aquaman

3) Tempest

4) AJ as Aquaman

5) New 52 Aquaman

My choices are based on skin's I like obviously, Trident wielders if you can't tell, and simply who by that meaning Garth, AJ, and Orm can imitate Aquaman's moves with the creator getting away with it. Thought this would be cool after seeing the Damian skin for Nightwing. I'd like to here your picks so let me know.

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1) New 52

2) Peter David 90s hook hand bearded Aquaman

3) Blue camo

4) DC 1000000 future Aquaman

5) JLA - The Riddle of the Best Elseworlds Aquaman

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@comicfan11: 1 mil would be epic my only beef is he surpasses Orin in stats which makes me think Aquaman 1mil would be a great DLC even having a finisher where he dehydrates his opponent.

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@justthatkid: Aquaman 1000000 has different powers (more water control, no telepathy I think), but in now way it is shown that he surpasses normal AQ in stats, since normal AQ has way better on panel feats (especially speed and strength feats). For all we know normal AQ has better strength, speed and durability feats.

Apart from that the costume would be epic, but I don't see them creating new finishers for any character.

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@comicfan11: Yeah I wouldn't expect a DLC to him either or a alternate skin move changing type thing but it would be cool.

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@justthatkid: Me neither, but I still believe he will get one more skin which will be the New 52.

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