to make him a better character shouldn't he have Garth's powers?

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Aquaman is the the king of Atlantis and allege ruler of the seas. So wouldn't it be best and more sensible if he had the same powers as Garth aka tempest, but to a much higher degree, like have full control of all types of water, turn into, water, have powerful telekinesis and magic.

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I think he did have that power before the New 52. He may gain it in the future, but I don't think new powers make a character better. Its story. Unless by better you mean more powerful.

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no but make him more aggressive about how the sea is treated like he use to be

make it a kingdom that every time someone does something to sea its a borderline invasion

his people want justice, he understands the world as a whole

depth to his character is needed if he is going to be called a king

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I don't see how you could read the current series and believe that there's anything wrong with the character

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Aquaman doesn't need those powers. He's essentially the chosen one of Atlantis, not a sorcerer. The water bending and such in Atlantis is considered Sorcery, and Aquaman has no need to be involved with that.

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He could do it to a very small degree with his water hand, but like @serpent222: said he doesnt need Garths powers. Giving him sorcery like abilities would kinda lessen the need for his super strength, durability, fighting skills, and his trident... It would basically change the entire character. Anyway, hes kicked Garths ass enough even with his sorcery so i dont see why he needs it. Though i wouldnt mind giving him the water hand back, it gave him more versatility.

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@justice teen: Nope,Aquaman great with his own powers....hispowers deserve being better developed as Geoff John is doing

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I'm good with him being the way he is now and if he does get hydokinesis/other powers that kinda lessens the need and uses for Mera in my opinion.

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I don't think it would make him any better, as someone else pointed out Garth and Arthur have fought before and Arthur wins that fight. Hard to beat Super strength, durability, and reflexes, not to mention his telepathy (which if it works like it did before the reset could potentially be used on things other than fish), and enhanced senses. I mean as my buddy has put it, he's basically the Superman of the oceans. Now I do think having Garth's powers would make him stand out a little more in the league, with the power set he has he's basically the same as Wonder Woman and Superman, a paragon like character who is basically superhuman in every sense, but I also think that making him a hydro kinetic would make him more solidified as a water hero, and not someone who is dangerous no matter where he goes.

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@Blood1991: I didn't even consider that, but that's true too. Keep it separate. Mera is huge in Aquaman's titles, and a badass in her own right. It would be terrible to make her powers useless by integrating them into Aquaman.

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As others have already pointed out, more power doesn't make a better hero/character. If that was so, Galactus would be one of the deepest characters in comics. Also, again as others have said,giving Aquaman hydrokinesis would take away from Mera's uniqueness. Aquaman is more of a warrior than a sorcerer so no for Garth's power as well.

Now, maybe if Morrison stats doing some Aquaman, he'll even put his telepathy back at the level of it being able to affect beings with mar ancestry. Who knows, we might even see him tap into the Clear again. I know I'd like that.

If Aquaman is to have any additional powers, they should come from his trident, which seems to be standard equipment for him at the moment. His trident should be firing blasts of divine energy, summoning thunderstorms, creating earthquakes, and manipulating very large volumes of water. It's Poseidon's weapon after all.

Oh, and glad my first post was of one of my favorite characters.

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@justice_teen: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I'd continue but I think I'm well understood.

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I also think that more power does not equal a better character.

But I would be OK with Aquaman have some sort of water control (like he did before Flashpoint) as a power granted from the Trident (this way he is still different from Mera).

Maybe something like that happens in the current (Dead King) storyline, due to the connection the Dead King has with the Atlantean artifacts.

Apart from that AQ's powerset is fine so far, since he is the only super Atlantean, which sets him apart from all other Atlanteans.

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Garth has a different set of powers, more of a magically inherited descendant. However, Aquaman's power sets are more define and like @comicfan11 said, this is what sets him apart from all the other Atlanteans.

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They comes from different lineages, just to sum it all up.

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Powers don't make anyone a "better" character. Arthur's fine the way he is.

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They tried giving him one or two of those powers at one point or another, as well as changing his overall personality but, Aquaman still managed to get canceled.

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Powers don't make anyone a "better" character. Arthur's fine the way he is.


Also. Aquaman doesn't need hydrokinesis when he has Mera around.

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Character =/= Powers

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He is already a great character but to make him more formidable and hang with some call the upper level top guys such as superman, flash, WW, MM, Hulk,Thor,etc...he would win a whole lot more battle forums that's for sure....

I'm always down to upgrade one of my favorite heroes...I say bring it on....

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Okay I need to talk about this.

If the way you measure a character's quality and worth, is by how much they lift or how fast they are, I'm sorry but that's such a juvenile way of thinking. Sounds elitist but its the truth. There is more to fictional characters besides the awesome factor.

Stacking on powers and "badassness" doesn't make them better or more unique. Its just appealing to the adolescent power trip fantasy that people get so easily sucked into. I'm sure you all know which characters are victims of that.

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More powers dont mean better hero.

Usually means the contrary.

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It always confused me how they could have a water based superhero and not give him hydrokinesis. It just seems like something that should be standard.

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@muffin_sangria: Because he isn't Aquaman because of water powers. He is the king of the sea in the same way Tarzan is king of the jungle. Because of a symbolic connection to that part of nature and everything in it.

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@justice_teen: I was thinking the same thing since he is the chosen one of Atlantis and such I also hate how his trident is just a trident but everyone else's can control the ocean or make earth quakes finally make thunderstorms.

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@bigbadwolfx0: I haven't been on this in a while. He does need something to kill the lame fish talking image. I actually read his book and there was nothing that made him interesting. I found Mera to be the highlight of the book, but if he actually had Garth's power it could open up a world of possibilities.

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@justice_teen: I guess that it's cool that he does not need a all powerful item,(even tho he now he has the fallen kings scepter and u would think his brothers staff as well) i thought it was cool when he had the magic hand that gave him magic powers but since that is over he is nothing more than a standard humanoid of Atlantis even tho he is half human I really did love how the relics that the others had each had abilities but his trident was pretty much powerless I was really pulling for Arthur being the owner of each relic and when combined it created a awesome armor and unlocked his tridents power but the power was so great he splits it up among people he trusts. I don't know why I am pulling a blank for this but did say where he got his trident.

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@aquamanisthebest said:

Powers don't make anyone a "better" character. Arthur's fine the way he is.


Also. Aquaman doesn't need hydrokinesis when he has Mera around.

This, Aquaman and Mera make a great combination and one of the reasons is because when they are fighting together, their powers compliment each other.

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Yes. It makes no sense for Garth to be more aquatic in nature than Aquaman when the latter is the king of the seas.

It's stupid.

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He kind had before but lot of characther had similiar powers, so he was depowered again.

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@kramotz: Garth's powers are all magic based because the race of Atlantean he comes from is hailed as having mystic powers. Same isn't true for Aquaman.

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