So the origin of Atlanteans...

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For anyone who read the most recent appears the original king of Atlantis got pissed and sank the city.

90% of the people drowned as humans would do...and the other 10% evolved.

How is that not a terrible origin? Evolution takes at the least hundreds of thousands of years. There is no X-Gene nonsense to save does that even remotely make sense?

Yes yes, suspension of disbelief its comics....but that seems to be taking it a bit too far.

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No time frame is given.

And the Dead King looks like a corpse. Dude could be that age easily.

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@muyjingo: No time frame.

Plus Magic (shown in story), and the Atlanteans are not normal humans.

Atlan tanks getting gutted like he stepped on a thorn or smthing.

Also honestly we saw a reimagined Fisherman ancestor by Johns.

And the entire history was finally shown in epic fashion.

And Peter Davids Atlantis Chronicles were heavilly used.

I have no complaints whatsoever.

The Aquaman mythos exploded in this issue and set up so many opportunities for awesomeness.

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It doesn't matter if there is a timeframe.

They ALL would have drowned.

The origin story or Atlantis is the same as if someone submerged Manhattan into the ocean, and it split into 4 sections..and 90% drowned and the remaining 10% evolved.

It doesn't work like that, even in comics.

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@muyjingo: I meant they used their magic to survive and then took their time evolving.

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PRe 52, Atlanteans evolved by magic to adapt and continued to change over time when the city sank.

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Did it sink all at once? If not, I could see how that would work. I mean, I still could see how it would work anyway, but that would help.

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@mitran: Yup, all at once.


Ahh, then yeah I would have no issue with that. I wish they had noted that if that's the case though...

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@muyjingo said:

@mitran: Yup, all at once.

Oh. Well I still don't have much of a problem with it anyway.

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Sounds like the futurama origin

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I found it strange to. It makes me wonder how old Atlan is suppose to be, I'm hoping they make him redeemable, His story seems like they might.

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Everyone knows Hawkman's origin and history is completely confusing with all the retcons making it completely different. I still don't understand the post-crisis, pre-Flashpoint Katar Hol thing. However, in my opinion, Aquaman is a close second in terms of these confusing retcons. At one point, I think he was just a hyper-evolved fish. Then he had a few other origins, I think. Then he was the son of some royal Atlantean lady and the ancient Atlantean god Atlan. At this time, Orm was not Atlantean at all, he shared the same father as Aquaman and his mother was some random Inuit. Aquaman was cast out of Atlantis for having blond hair and was carried to shore by a protective dolphin to be raised by Arthur Curry Sr. who gave his name to the boy, who until that point was named Orin. Then I think it was Barry Allen going back in time to stop Thawne from killing his mother that gave Aquaman his current story, completely different from his previous one. Now Arthur and Orm share a mother, who is still Atlantean royalty. Lighthouse keeper Tom Curry is Arthur's father, while Orm's father is some Atlantean general whom the mother was arranged into marrying. Atlan is no longer in the picture. And Tula is the daughter of Orm's father and some other woman. Garth, the original Aqualad, had died in Blackest night, but there has been a mention of a boy with purple eyes, presumably him. This means the New 52 has brought back deceased characters, not by resurrection or even ret-conning their deaths, but by reintroducing them as completely new. In Red Hood and the Outlaws, who wants to bet that Roy and Cheshire are going to conceive a daughter and name her Lian? (I am not actually betting anything.) But that appears to be the direction the story is taking. That would be a disgrace. However, I digress.

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