School me on Aquaman

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I always liked Aquaman, ever since I use to watch the Super Friends.Lots of people hate on him, but I think he is one of the best heroes in the DC universe.

I want to start reading Aquaman comics (haven't read any in years), but I'm way behind and have no idea whats going on with him. Last I saw is that he has a 'water hand' that can do all kinds of things. Does he still have this? Other than his original powers, does he have any new ones? What has been up to?

What are some recent comics can I read that is about him?

Thanks guys!

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No water hand. From the current aquaman we can see that he is super strong as well as bullet proof. He travels around by doing a hulk like jump that allows him to travel for miles and land from sky scrapers unharmed. He still has his marine telepathy but he has stated that he does not talk to fish rather he mentally pushes them to do as he commands.

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