New 52 Poseidon?

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From the start of the new story arc 'Death of a King' and leading up to Aquaman #19, we have been seeing a mysteriously ancient "Ice King" with a wrathful grudge on Aquaman. Now after given hints, I'm beginning to think that this once king of the seven seas is Poseidon. Anyone else believes so too?

Here's a scene in the epilogue to 'Throne of Atlantis' where he first makes his appearance.

Here is a scene in the beginning of 'Death of a King' as the forgotten king creates an earthquake in Antarctica which Poseidon is known to do, specifically out of rage.

And here's the latest showing of the 'Ice King' in the ending of Aquaman #18 where he demands Mera to lead him to Xebel so that the Seven Seas could be is again.

That being said, it definitely stirred up the probability of whether or not this is Poseidon, as he is first seen in Wonder Woman #5 with a different appearance. Triton, his son who once claimed the Seven Seas under his authority is also a name to drop as well. He became enraged with Aquaman once he found out that his people thought of him as more of a king to Atlantis than he was. Thus, this could go either way.

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The new icy villain has more similarities to the frost giants of norse mythology. Looks more like old Wonder Woman villain Minister Blizzard.

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Besides Poseidon has already been seen in Wonder Woman and his form is something totally different.

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Am I the only one who thinks Poseidon looks like the Ice King from Adventure Time? Lol

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You mean this guy?

Wonder Woman #5 was his first. Why does Geof always try to conflict with Az?

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I'll take Aquaman's (maybe) Poseidon over WW's grumpy toad version.

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Azzarello beat Johns to it. Personality wise I like him and he has an interesting link to the First Born.

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Well it could always be stated later that Poseidon is a shapeshifter. This way it wouldn't mess with continuity (since it is already messed up as it is lol).

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@knighthood: @sage1000: @lvenger:

As we go back to the Golden and Silver Age of Comics, Poseidon takes up an appearance which almost resembles the imagery of this so-called king in New 52 and is holding the same trident design as the one Pelletier sketched out.

So, as of right now we know it is Poseidon's trident. However, due to the appearance of "Poseidon" in Wonder Woman #5, this makes me think that the former king is Triton, Poseidon's son who believed he ruled the seven seas and was enraged once he heard that Aquaman was looked upon as more of a king to Atlantis than he was. Although, the personality of this New 52 character seems to fit more of Poseidon's traits as the examples above led me to think this at first. We also haven't seen an appearance of Triton in this New 52 series, so there's a high possibility that it is him.

Well it could always be stated later that Poseidon is a shapeshifter. This way it wouldn't mess with continuity (since it is already messed up as it is lol).

This also might be the case. If it is, I'm all for it.

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@raw_material: I'm leaning towards Triton rather than Poseidon. 2 different versions of Poseidon might muck up New 52 continuity even more.

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@raw_material: You confusing the characters,Ice King looks like King Neptune

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