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Does anyone think that we will see Atlantis be explored in the reboot? So far, it really seems that all we have a scene of Atlantis is Poseidonis, and I hope that isn't all we get.

I'd like to see Tritonis once again, the sister city of Poseidonis where a vast amount of merpeople like, without the protection of a surrounding dome and just live in the open ocean.

Who else wants to see that Atlantis isn't just one large underwater city, but a thriving lost continent, with each city-state having it's own culture and myriad of ocean dwelling creatures.

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@blackwind: I'd hope so if more areas of Atlantis are explored that would be a great way to introduce more characters which a certain Idylist comes to mind.

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I always thought it should be like that.

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@blackwind: Calm man. I think they will appear during Death of a King to help Atlantis,since Scavenger's submarines will attack the city,while Aquaman is in Xebel and Tula and Murk goes after him.

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