New 52 Aquaman Timeline

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Ive recently become a Aquaman fan and thought with all his flashbacks in the comics i thought i would do a timeline.

So here it is so far -

20 YEARS AGO ???

Aquaman #003 Page 2


Aquaman #000 Page 2-5

Aquaman #008 Page 6-7

Aquaman #000 Page 6-End

----------------- THE OTHERS--------------------------

Aquaman #008 Page 14-20

Aquaman #011 Page 2-5

Aquaman #013 Page 2


----------------JL ORIGIN ---------------------------------

Justice League #003 Page 21-End

Justice League #004 - #006


Action Comics #010 Page 7-9


Aquaman #006 Page 3-4


Swamp Thing #001 Page 2-3

-----------------------THE TRENCH------------------------

Aquaman #001 - #002

Aquaman #003 Page 3-End

Aquaman #004


Aquaman #005 Page 6-7,10-12,16-17,2-5,8-9,13-15,18-23

Aquaman #006 Page 5-End

---------------------VILLAINS JOURNEY PROLOUGE/GREEN ARROW TEAM-UP---------------

Justice League #007 - #008*

-------------------------THE OTHERS---------------------------------

Aquaman #007

Aquaman #008 Page 9-13 & 20-End

Aquaman #009 - #010

Aquaman #011 Page 6-End

Aquaman #012

Aquaman #013 Page 3-End

------------------------VILLAINS JOURNEY ------------------------------

Justice League #009 Page 9-End

Justice League #010 Page 9-End

Justice League #011 - #012

---------------------RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY-----------------------

Green Lantern #013 Page 21-22

--------------------THE SECRET OF THE CHEETAH-----------------

Justice League #013 Page 11-12 & 18-22

Hope this is useful. If you have seen any more Aquaman appearances then please let me know (I dont read all the comics)


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@lordgawain: I'II check out this

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Ok. updated with JL #13 and aquaman #13


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1820 (192 years ago)

Aquaman #14 pages 1-3

hope that's helpful

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Aquaman has to be older than 20. He's 24 at least, but probably older.

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Hi guys. this is actually a redundant post. I accidently pressed post twice. My internet was slow and got inpatient and pressed it twice. The other one that im editiing is here

@SUNMAN said:

Aquaman has to be older than 20. He's 24 at least, but probably older.

i have accounted for this, but as we dont know how old he is im just guessing. It could be 10 years ago for all i know. But until we get a proper record ill leave it as is. Thanks anyway

also if an admin person can cancel this thread that would be cool

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@sgcomicguy said:

Hey this may sound like a stupid question but I figure someone here will know:

What's up with Aquaman's trident difference between in 'Justice League' (Jim Lee) with 3prongs and the 'Aquaman' (Ivan Reis) one with 5prongs?



Artistic licsense. Personally, I think the five pronged one looks over designed and flimsy, but the three pronged one is also too spear-like.

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I thought that might be the case but I was hoping it was a better reason than this :(

Because there is a time gap between JL#1 and Aquaman#1 I figured perhaps this was a more powerful trident- like the one referred to in Aquaman #14.

If it is just creative license then that is a little disappointing, and really bothersome that DC would restart there universe and be inconsistent with a huge part of Aquaman's costume. Imagine if In 'Action Comics' and 'Superman' Superman didn't a have underwear on the outside, but in JL he did. Just bugs me...

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