My Aquaman Fan Cast

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I will admit that I am not the biggest Aquaman fan out there, but  I think even he deserves a movie. The story should be the one where his baby son died, mixed in with some introduction stuff.
Now for the casting, I decided that to show people if the actors/actresses are any good, I'd use Rotten Tomatoes as a guide.

 Josh Hollowway
This idea was given to me by Progenitor. Josh is a very good actor in LOST so I think he could pull off Aquaman. He just needs to cut his hair short and shave his beard.

Notable Mentions:LOST 


Christina Hendricks
 Notable Movies: Drive - 90%

 I think she not only looks the part, I think she can play the part as well. She is a pretty good actress and I think could pull off being queen of Atlantis.
Daniel Radcliffe
 Notable Movies: Harry Potter Films -  78 - 97%

By this point everyone should know that Daniel Radcliffe is a great actor. He could definitely pull off being Aqualad/Tempest, he even looks the part!

Olivia Wilde
 Notable Movies: Conversations With Other Woman - 73% Tron Legacy - 50%

I casted Olivia Wilde as Dolphin (Aquaman’s one time lover and Tempest’s wife) because I felt that she has the right innocence to play the character with justice. I realize that she is 4 or so years older than Daniel Radcliffe but I really think that no one would notice. She is also a pretty good actress.
Danny Devito
 Notable Movies: L.A. Confidential - 99% Batman Returns - 79%

 Danny Devito is a very beloved actor and seeing him play Vulko, a friend and mentor for Aquaman, would be great. he somewhat looks the part.
The villains:
Aquaman 1:
Black Manta:  
Black Manta will be the main villain throughout the Aquaman films.
Notable Movies: Kung Fu Panda - 88% Sin City - 78% 


 Michael Clarke Duncan is big, strong, and has a very intimating voice. All the things you need to be Black Manta.
 Orm/Ocean Master:
In the first film Orm will be just a supporting character who seems very interested in magic and Black Manta. In the second film Orm is the main villain after he breaks Manta out of jail. The two then team up throughout most of the film until Manta meets Charybdis, and leaves Orm to team up with Charybdis. Orm teams up with Aquaman to take them out, and in the end, Orm ends up in jail.
Notable Movies: Lord of The Rings - 96% Star Trek 94% 

This is from a different Aquaman fancast, but I thought it summed up why Karl would be a good choice:
The main reason why I decided to cast Karl Urban as the Ocean Master was because I thought he definitely looked the part. Also, through roles in Bourne Supremacy and The Chronicles of Riddick, he showed that he could play an antagonist. Another factor that contributed to his casting was, chronologically Orm is supposed to be younger than Orin. Karl Urban is also younger than Jason Lewis (1 year).
Aquaman 2:
Charybdis is a friend of Manta's in the first film and is a leader of a gang who hunts rare fish. in the second he is mutated into Piranha Man. He joins with Black manta and bites off Aquaman's arm after an epic battle. Aquaman then orders all of his fish friends to kill him.
 Notable Movies: The Dark Knight - 94% Kill Bill Volume 1 - 85%

 I think Michael Jai White is an exceptional actor who could definitely play the part of Charybdis due to his acting and looks.
Voice of CGI Piranha Man
 Andy Serkis
The guy is the most famous unfamous actor in the world most likely. I would love to see  his impression of Piranha Man
 Those are my picks and story ideas for Aquaman.... hope you enjoy and constructive criticism is welcome! =)
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Where is the Aquaman love =(

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You lost me at casting for  Tempest. 

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@cyberninja: Who would you put in then? All because he was in Harry Potter doesn't mean he is a bad actor.. He has been in a lot of mature movies.
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well..not bad, although i wouldn't cast Michael Clark as Black Manta..he's way too big

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@The Stegman: Really? I suppose you're right, who would yo choose?
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@PikminMania: meh, haven't given it much thought, maybe Don Cheadle?
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I'd probably go with a different actor for Aquaman, someone like Josh Holloway.
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@PikminMania said:

@cyberninja: Who would you put in then? All because he was in Harry Potter doesn't mean he is a bad actor.. He has been in a lot of mature movies.

I saw him on Broadway recently...He is pretty good outside of his pimary role of Harry, so he could do a film like this. My thing is that he would have to have more focus I mean if he was in a film they would use his name to sell the film (so the more focus on him the better for publicty)...which might be a problem for a film with a focus on Aquaman
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@progenitor:  I replaced Jason Lewis with him.
@The Stegman
I suppose he would work out better, but in costume I think Michael Clarke Duncan should voice Black Mant
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Christina Hendricks as Mera? I respect your choice, but I prefer Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the part.

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Daniel radcliff's perfect for that part exept that guy U poured out 2 play aquaman, I would consider, Ryan Mcpartlin, or Joshua Dallas.

And Ocean Master should be portrayed by Andrew Lincoln, and Black Manta should be played by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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I'd watch it. But I'm not so sure about Christina Hendricks. I look at her, and I see Poison Ivy.

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I can see all of those working, especially Mera. Nice work :)

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