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I've only been reading DC since the New 52 so I'm not entirely familiar with their "world", but I noticed in the image of Atlantis on the last page of Aquaman #0 that there two statues of a Mermaids. Are they an established species in the DCU?

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I haven't seen any in the New 52 but before that it was shown that Atlantis had several different cities, with Poseidonis being the capital where Arthur or any King of Atlantis would reside, and the other cities were sprawled out across the ocean floor, one of which was the city of Tritonis whose citizens were all Mer-people. Superman also had a mermaid friend/love interest named Lori Lemaris back before the New 52, I of course have no idea how much of this has survived the relaunch.

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@Danial79: Maybe they based on Pre-New 52 Atlanteans. In Atlantis,thety looks like humans and in Poseidonis they are mermaid,because of the magical trasmutation made by the King Iqula

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