Is Aquaman Brawler or a MA?

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Would he be able keep up with the likes of Nightwing, Batman, Daredevil or even Cable in h2h combat if he didn't have his strength and durability?

Has he had any note worthy fights thus far?

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Aquaman excels in hand to hand combat. He was trained in Atlantis. He could probably take all of the guys you listed.

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im thinking he could have had atlantis military training. so yeah close quarters hand to hand combat but no real diversity.

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I've always thought Aquaman has trained with the Atlantean military in h2h combat and never really thought of him as a sloppy fighter who lets his physical strength do all the work for him. I think he should have a very healthy mix of relying on his power and technique. It may have only been short, but anyone remember his chapter of the IGAU game where he whooped the asses of the Atlantean soldiers and then went in h2h against his counterpart? That's how I think of Aquaman as a fighter.

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I would definitely say he's MA, you can see examples of this in a few different fights. In the new 52 in his own title, issue 13 where he breaks Black Manta's arm, and Brightest day issue 5 are two comics which stand out most in my mind where you see him fight, and the way he breaks Manta's arm or the Atlantean soldiers leg, in those and it really looks like he fights with style and precision like a Martial Artist. If you further back you can see more examples in things like year one and just general issues of Aquaman and Justice League but I wouldn't know what all those issues would be. As far as compared to the people on the list above I'd say he could go toe-to-toe with any of the characters mentioned, he's never had a problem with keeping up with most characters in a fight when it comes to technique and defending and landing strikes. I also am pretty sure, like some others have mentioned, that he's been trained by the Atlantean military. Which while knowing only one combat form generally lacks diversity, the beauty of military combat training is that normally it's a blend of a bunch of different forms of hand-to-hand combat styles with the most efficient, powerful, and useful teachings taken from each one and molded into one style to maximize efficiency when dealing with an opponent in melee combat. Which kind of explains why the two most recent examples I could think of involved him breaking limbs, easy to do and gets the opponent out of the fight quick and makes them think twice about rejoining the conflict.

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Pre-DCnU Aquaman had received Atlantean military training, and after some time he was the one training his elite soldiers in combat (confirmed in the 5 part mini series, the one with the evil jellyfish) and JLA training with Batman among others (can be seen during a flashback in the last JL series before the reboot). In addition he has shown training in swordsmanship (PAD AQ run, DC Planet annuals), archery (JLA Gatekeeper) and even healing and mending (JLA Gatekeeper, he patches up Superman, after he is struck by magic)

Post-DCnU he still seems to be a trained warrior (we already know he was the king before and the Atlanteans are even more militaristic than before, and AQ seems to be their best fighter by far - Throne of Atlantis). Furthermore he was part of the Others and their leader before the JLA so he also has that experience going for him (using tactics as a member of a team). Atlantean emphasis on training is shown in Flashpoint Emperor Aquaman where parts of his training are shown (h2h & melee weapons) and the Atlanteans are the same more or less in the DCnU.

AQ is definitely trained in martial arts (as shown in specific instances like the ones The_Judge_since_83 mentioned) plus he is also trained as a weapons wielder (trident) as shown in JL and AQ).

I don't know if a powerless AQ would take a majority against the first 3 h2h, but with the trident he could definitely score some wins. I do believe he might have the upper hand against Cable with the trident and a good chance without it.

Having said that AQ is one of the most skilled super strong characters (compared to characters like Hulk, Mammoth, Blockbuster, Rhino, etc)

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I think Aquaman could beat the guys up there listed he's a tactician and a very skilled fighter the problem is most people wouldn't like the idea of him being able to beat Batman or him superior to Batman in a Tactical/Fighter way as much as I love it, Batman would seem a bit unneeded.

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Nvm Wonder woman is so he could to

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He has a good mix of techniqie and strength, really. I'd quite like to see someone physically above him talk shit, but get defeated with Arthur being all, "You may overpower me, but you're a sloppy fighter." Just to prove he's quite aware he can provide finesse and strength.

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He's a brawler for sure. Not a Wolverine type of fighter where he's swings for the fences, but a more technical style.

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