is aquaman a rip off Of namor?

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@jack_vii: yea 'Submariner' is so groundbreaking . Give me a break. Love both characters but AQ is a the better of the two.

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Again, back then... "Namor, Marvel's Aquaman... Namor is Marvel's answer for Aquaman... If it wasn't for Aquaman and Flash, Namor and Quicksilver would never exist... Namor is just another ripoff."


Well um... Aquaman is more popular so he's not a ripoff... Um... did you know mermaids existed... soo um... that means they're both ripoffs...

Still if it wasn't for Aquaman, Namor would be long gone so he's not a ripoff...

Um... ahhh He's more of an improvement."

Yeah yeah yeah... argue the technicalities all YOU want.

Namor was created first simple as that so eat it.


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Namor was one of the first comic book superheroes to be created, only a year or two after superman himself. To say he is a rip off of aqua man is just nonsense, especially after dc gave the new 52 aqua man behavior that basically mirrored namor's

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@braedenalberti: First of all Aquaman acts nothing like Namor nor does he look like him and second of all neither was the the first king of the seas style superhero

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@jonny_anonymous: well, from what I've seen, Namor has always been a difficult, hard nosed king of Atlantis for quite a while whereas aquaman was at the top of the lamest superhero list being all jolly and talking to clownfish until dc took notes and gave aquaman the tough guy treatment as well.

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Some say he is some say he isnt. I just want to know...

Well if you still want to know. Namor came before Aquaman yes thats true, but the main and practically only thing he had was being a sea character which is a ridiculous reason for Aquaman to be deemed a ripoff it would be like calling Superman a ripoff cause Namor flew in comic before him.

I think to be a ripoff it requires more like origin and the main stuff and the Atlantis mythos were presented in Aquaman before they were with Namor. Strongly present in the silver age where he was given the modern origin of being half human/half atlantean in Adventure Comics 260 Namor wasn't really given a origin until Fantastic 4 #4. Even between the 2 im pretty sure Aquaman had a title first and more for that matter.

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@braedenalberti: Umm, Namor had no idea of his Atlantean heritage until years after he first showed up. When he started he was basically an eco terrorist who occasionally did good things when it suited him.

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All in saying is that DC tends to change their characters' origins a lot and this newest version of aquaman reminds me a lot of Namor.

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How? Aquaman isn't a snob who throws a tantrum and his weight around when people look at him funny.

Even the 90s Aquaman who people love to try and compare to Namor was different. All they saw was "Oh hey, they tried to make Aquaman tough. Must be copying Namor." When in reality Arthur was depressed and lonely throughout most of that era and the anger stemmed from it.

Aquaman is like a minority: People find any reason to try and keep him down. And even if he was a ripoff, guess what? The rip off is doing so much better than the original.

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The funny thing isn't Aquaman more famous than Namor solely for his Superfriends appearance in the 1960s. The interesting thing about Namor was that he was one of the first anti-heroes (unless we count the original Batman) and does have his place in comics early history. Yes, Aquaman is a rip-off of Namor but Namor is basically a underwater version of Conan/Tarzan. So that's that.

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