is aquaman a rip off Of namor?

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@jack_vii: yea 'Submariner' is so groundbreaking . Give me a break. Love both characters but AQ is a the better of the two.

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Again, back then... "Namor, Marvel's Aquaman... Namor is Marvel's answer for Aquaman... If it wasn't for Aquaman and Flash, Namor and Quicksilver would never exist... Namor is just another ripoff."


Well um... Aquaman is more popular so he's not a ripoff... Um... did you know mermaids existed... soo um... that means they're both ripoffs...

Still if it wasn't for Aquaman, Namor would be long gone so he's not a ripoff...

Um... ahhh He's more of an improvement."

Yeah yeah yeah... argue the technicalities all YOU want.

Namor was created first simple as that so eat it.


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