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In my humble opinion, he Aquaman group has long suffred from lack of writer creativity. But in recent years we've seen interesting portrayals of them, whether in comics or an animated adaption. On thing that's bugs me is if you put them together, you'll see a lot of repeats with their powers.

Aquaman: With Orin you've got the best physical stats in the group, plus pretty respectable telepathy. However I've personally always been saddened by the annoying neglect of his trident. If Aquaman is to have any additional powers, they should come from his trident, which seems to be standard equipment for him at the moment. His trident should be firing blasts of magical energy, summoning storms, creating earthquakes, and manipulating very large volumes of water and even creating it. It's Poseidon's weapon after all. Or, should be.

Mera: She is actually one I've no gripe with. Though she tends to let her hydrokinesis do most of the work, it'd be nice to see her hitting tjings more.

Tempest: Garth's problem was solved in the 90s. He was given the ability to freeze oand boil water, as well as optic force beams. Now that's making him unique as an underwater hero.

Kaldur: The Young Justice cartoon got him just right IMO. He mixes hydrokinesis with hand to hand combat and weapons fighting, and sometimes gives an electric shock. Unlike Mera he gets up close to mix it up a lot.

Tula: Typical Atlantean abilities.

Lorena: Same as Tula.

So with that said, how would you diversify the Aquafamily so they all have something special to themselves?

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I agree with almost everything you said on all characters.

Concerning the trident I believe that firing blasts of magical energy, and manipulating very large volumes of water and even creating it is enough though.

Summoning storms and creating earthquakes might be to much, and doesn't align with the "aqua" part much.

But he should have by far the best physical stats, which is how Johns is writing him now.

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Personally I'd prefer him using the trident as a melee weapon unless the other functions are specially needed.

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I completely agree with a greater focus on the trident, but I wouldn't go so far as to include the storm and earthquake stuff. People complain about Aquaman being overcompensating as it is, having that added to his arsenal would just be super overkill. But magic blasts and more hand to hand action with it would always be welcome.

I always thought that more should be explored with Aquaman's telepathy, going beyond the whole main sea life thing and getting some more specialized or unique uses. Honestly, I don't have much of an issue with anyone else's powers, especially Mera and Kaldur.

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Personally I could live without the storms or earthquakes myself, but creating his own water wherever he is would be great. Peter David and Grant Morrison did Aquaman's telepathy well.

If Tula is ever reintroduced I hope something is done with her.

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@blackwind: I believe Lorena had a trident and Koryak has a unique warrior style and creates a spear of water out of thin air I believe. I prefer AJ but Arthur Joseph Curry has the sword of Atlantis.

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that'd be awesome. Aquaman being the Thor of DC

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Aquaman : all of superman's powers plus telepathy and magic trident. Mera and black aqualad : water powers. Tempest Garth and tula : magic powers.

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@blackwind: Acctually Garth's powers are magical in origins,since he was trained Atlan. Besides these powers that you mentioned,he could also open time-dimensional portals (as did in Obsidian Age) and cast spells.

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