I've heard the Larsen run sucked. Royally.

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Erik Larsen took over Aquaman after Peter David, and I've heard that his run was some of the worst stuff to happen to the character this side of Superfriends. Why so?

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I know nothing about Larsen but I can check.

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It's partly the reason of Aquaman's humiliation. Other reasons were the Superfriends animated series and the artists that drew for the character. Nowadays were seeing a complete twist with Aquaman. He's now acquired one of the greatest writers, Geoff Johns, one of the most fascinating artists right now, great stories, heroic look and attitude, and is coming out with his own animated series.

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It sucked, but it was more important to the character than Sword of Atlantis ever was (apart from the two parter flashback story which was great)

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