How should I read Throne of Atlantis?

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From what I can tell, the Throne of Atlantis arc is a crossover between Geoff Johns' Justice League and his Aquaman titles. I had been reading Aquaman since the beginning of its run but stopped when the crossover began because I had not started to collect Justice League yet.

I've decided to catch up now but I'm not sure what order to read in (whether I should just alterated between Justice League and Aquaman or read one series before the other).

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions from those who have been reading.

#2 Posted by The_Judge_since_83 (57 posts) - - Show Bio

It alternates from Justice League to Aquaman and back, so start with Justice League #15 then Aquaman #15, then Justice League #16 followed by Aquaman #16 and so on like that. I've been enjoying it, I think Geoff is doing a great job with this crossover and hopefully you will too, have fun reading!

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@SupBatz: You migt also want to pick up Aquaman #14, as its a prelude to the whole crossover and has one crucial plot element.

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