How should Aquaman look liek for the movie?

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Really it is a stereotypeof a man,a scumbag, not to mention that he has as little respect for women.....

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I think his shirtless Others costume could work for the bulk of a film, having to put on his classic scale-mail Atlantean armour for the final act.

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i would combine the new 52 and YJ look plus add an extra armored feel to it. plus I'd get either James Cameron or J.J Abrams to direct it (or maybe a new green lantern movie. oh come on, we ALL know that either one CAN make a good GL movie). and I'd cast either cast Chris Hemsworth or garret hedlund to play aquaman.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

@DEADPOOL: I just hope Aquaman gets better costumes, ebcuase Smaville one sucked so hard i am afraid of the guy.

Aquaman, to me, has always had a look that is... I don't know how to describe it... lacking? It's not quite superhero to me, which I understand because he's not a "costumed adventurer" as we know it, he's a warrior king of Atlantis. However, it doesn't quite capture that aspect of him either, it's somewhere in between the two. There's just something about Aquaman's look that has never sat well with me. I like it, but it just doesn't have that "pop." Orange scalemail shirt, green pants. That's basically his entire design.

It needs a little more flare to me, like in that fanpic you posted. Hell, even in the New 52, all the characters are getting updated costumes that, in my opinion, have way too many lines, lol. But there's Aquaman, standing beside them and looking a bit out of place since his outfit is pretty much the same, just a high collar scalemail top instead of a v-neck fishscales top, along with a fancier belt. I think it would be fine if they just did something more with the legs, like in the Young Justice cartoon they gave him black pants with green boots/sandals. Something like that is probably all he needs to feel "complete" to me.


Maybe they should use Jim Lee's unused New 52 design? It's freakin' epic.

Jim Lee's Aquaman design

Thats a great costume. Gives more of an armor feeling than some idiot running around in tights (90% of heroes).

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@TheGraySon: Yes, the ones that could get hurt need and armour type costume, the ones that dont could use Spandex type ones, there is not need to Superman use an armour type costume.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

@TheGraySon: Yes, the ones that could get hurt need and armour type costume, the ones that dont could use Spandex type ones, there is not need to Superman use an armour type costume.

wasnt talking about superman lol

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He should look like this:

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Something ornate (he's a king!) and scaled/armoured (king of the seas/fish)... but it also needs to be practical... this guy needs to swim ...

The top can be bronze-ish, scaled, maybe with brighter orange/gold detailing. The bottom can be a darker green or brown/black with green highlights. Green + orange is ugly, lol.

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He should be blonde-haired and blue-eyed and he should wear an orange shirt with green pants and gloves.

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He should have a beard.

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thor would make a good aquaman

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No beard.

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Justin Hartley made a great Aquaman in the unaired pilot episode but at this point he may not be the age WB would want for an origin story (though if Andrew Garfield, who is just turning 29, can play a high schooler than a 35 year old Hartley could play a early to mid-20's Arthur Curry).

As the look of the costume, it should be a combination of classic Aquaman, the second Aquaman (if you don't remember the second he was Arthur Joseph Curry during the Sword of Atlantis series when the first Aquaman had mutated into the Dweller of the deep), and the Young Justice look :

Upper Body: Short-sleeved orange scale mail armor with a mid-neck, open collar. The sleeves should come down to the elbows and end in a gold band. The forearms should be covered by slim, minimal design, gold gauntlets. The only real change I would make to the armor is that the back has a built-in holster system for the Trident. Else a chest strap or something should be included but that could be too much stuff on the torso.

Lower Body: Black, wetsuit like, pants that loop around the ankle but don't cover the foot.

Feet: Knee high, green boots with small gaps that allow you to see the black pants. Instead of rounded boots, however, design them more like the toed running shoes that are popular right now and put webbing between each toe that makes it look like a divers fin. On the back of each boot have a fish fin, but one that doesn't come away from the boot and stands out as a fin. Just extra material so that the viewer can tell by the shape its supposed to be a fin.

Waist: Gold belt but with the more rounded or squared A design than the classic point, emphasizing it as more of a belt buckle (can even note the fact its heavy like a divers belt to assist in Aquaman's underwater movements) than just a shape stuck onto a belt.

As for the Trident, I know its the classic weapon of Aquaman, but I wouldn't copy it straight from the comic and have the movie version carrying/swimming around with it. Instead change it a bit so that most times the Trident looks more like a short spear with a heavy/larger than normal top half and point, something that fits nicely into a built-in holster system in the torso armor and thus doesn't impede really fast swimming. Then when he has to fight with it the spear can expand into the classic Trident (but even without expanding Aquaman can throw it or use the weapon in more confined quarters by keeping it in its compressed form).

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I personally believe a more armoured look wouldn't hurt the character, perhaps not right off the bat considering that the movie would be an origin film, but it should be something he eventually embraces:

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@deadpool: Yes it looks like it would be nice for a movie.

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Do this, but cast a hunky guy. That way, at the end, when he takes back his throne, you can show him clean shaven, and his long hair pulled back in like a nice ponytail or something, for the women and men who voted him the most attractive comic book character. Hemsworth really is a great example, but it cant be him unfortunately.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

@matchesmalone21: He needs to look like a bad ass warrior, then people will stop making jokes about him.

@inferiorego said:

Where in hell this happened?

Entourage Season 2 I believe

haha that show was funny as hell and pathetic at the same time.

Show: "James Cameron will be directing the new movie based on the popular Aquaman comicbook character"


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Aquaman should look like those Spartans from the movie, 300. #SpartanAbs

P.S. You know how to spell CrimsonCake, but you don't know how to spell the word "like"..That's pretty wierd..this ain't Shriek! The K comes before the E, remember..L-I-K-E.

Lol ^__^

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@justthatkid: Hmm I was thinking more like Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor in the movie. Not specifically him, but someone that looks almost like him. But Liam Mcintyre would be nice too. A more blondish, muscular, bold character who has long hair and wouldn't mind cutting it would fit Aquaman nicely.

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@raw_material: Why not have Short hair so they don't have to copy it?

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@justthatkid: Because if someone has long hair and cuts it, the haircut would look very similar to the cut Aquaman has. A combed and smooth hairstyle.

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@raw_material: I don't know that much about hair but ok as long as they would look accurate.

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@justthatkid: my chick's a I'm just kidding lol

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