How do Atlantean's talk under water?

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When you open your mouth under water doesn't water come rushing in?

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I think its telepathy in DC in Marvel you're just not supposed to ask I assume.

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Maybe, like many under sea creatures, they communicate via sonar? Just a theory, lol

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@joshmightbe: I know that it is a comic book world, and some things should be obviously un-explainable in the real world , But I'm curious to know if there has been a explanation behind it, I would rather they talk with there minds like Martians, or a reason to be given.

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Comic book logic. It's as simple as that.

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@dernman: @brandimarlow: I would like to think it is sonar but they move there mouths when communicating.

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@black_claw: I guess, just curious to know if it's ever been explained.

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@justthatkid i understand your curiosity. i think originally it was sonar based, but i just read now (in the New 52) Aquaman communicates through telekinesis. im not sure why they would move their mouths if that were the case though.. maybe just to convey the visual of communication in the graphic novel style? thats my idea, anyways

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@brandimarlow: Thank you, found anything on why water doesn't fill there lungs?

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@justthatkid hm, havent found anything why water doesnt drown them. all i can assume, again, only pertaining to Aquaman, is that he has gills, i mean, they dont really draw attention to the fact in the comics, but thats really the only way he could survive there any other character you had doubts about how they adapt to life underwater? Aquaman is really the only one that comes to mind in this discussion for me

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@brandimarlow: Jackson Hyde's gills just came to mind I doubt this has been said but maybe there is a thick layer of skin covering The Atlantians gills as water comes in the mouth the gills dispense the water :) I'm a genius.

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@justthatkid lol, nice research. youre either a genius, or a marine biologist, haha.

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Their Atlantean physiology and unique gills enable them to not only breathe underwater, but talk as well. Although, they haven't directly commented on this question in comments, this would be the most obvious answer for this situation.

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@justthatkid: here are the scans for an explanation. it's the page right after the pic you posted

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they need to address this for a live action movie

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