Good Aquaman Stories

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So, I know Aquaman has become a joke in a lot of people's eyes but I was wanting to read some of his stuff to either redeem him for myself or encourage my condoning of the character. So what are good Aquaman stories? The only one I've heard of is Sword of Atlantis. What stories would get me up to date as to where Aquaman is now?

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lol, I don't remember the name of the story, but the one where he fights Superman.

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Is this a trick question?

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I don't think he's a joke.

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Aquaman: Waterbearer

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A better place to research this question might be the DC Comics Discussion Boards. I know this specific question has come up a couple times, but I can't recall all the answers. 
Short answer to "where is he now?" Appearing as a Black Lantern. Just prior to that - limbo.  To get current, Wikipedia might be your best bet.
Good stories:  Most of the Peter David run was very good. Larsen took over for a while and the title crashed and burned (with good reason - it was awful). Jurgen had a couple really good issues to try to salvage, but it was already too late.  Since then it's been hit and miss. DC kept giving the character significant revamps to try to keep people interested, but wound up driving away readers because it was so inconsistent. 
The Atlantis Chronicles are also a very good read.  While I don't think Aquaman appears in the story, it's a great background story of Atlantis in the DC Universe, and had a significant (retroactive) impact on his back-story.

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Another good series is Sword of Atlantis.

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