Favorite Aquaman stories

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I'm a relative newcomer to comics, but I absolutely LOVE the new Aquaman. I like everything about it, from his relationship with Mera to his villains. Easily my favorite comic book and hero. Also, on an un related note, the 'Throne of Atlantis' crossover is easily the best thing involving the main JL title, so far. Anyway, the first comic I ever read was about a time when AQ founded the JLA (Justice League of Atlantis). He didn't seem to recall there being another JLA, and they mention something about a Justice League of Amazon. I don't know if it was an alternate reality story, or just a weird story line. Looking back on it now, it's probably not an amazing story, but I remember it fondly due to nostalgia.

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I haven't read much of the older ones, but Throne of Atlantis is easily my favorite.

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@paragon_sean: The story you are referring to is "Justice Leagues"


It was an OK story and took place in the main continuity.

And I agree Throne of Atlantis is the best JL story so far and quite possibly the best Aquaman story ever (certainly the first Aquaman centric event).

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@comicfan11: Ah, gotcha. But yeah, Throne of Atlantis was amazing, I have read and Re-read that story! I'm totally going to buy the hard cover edition, if they have one. What do you think of the current story arc? It's kind of convoluted as of now, but I'm thinking it's going to be REALLY good when they tie together everything that's going on.

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I still prefer PAD's run over Johns', Throne of Atlantis being the highest point of the latter so far. Other favorites would be the Sub Diego stuff (especially American Tidal), the Atlantis Chronicles and that Brave and the Bold story were he teamed up with Etrigan.

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@paragon_sean: I think it's great. It's the first arc with AQ as king, the Scavenger is reimagined as a much bigger threat (with a whole fleet) and I realy want to find out if the Dead King is an old villain reimagined by Johns or a new one.

I'm guessing he might be

King Neptune


@smashbrawler: Dude most of the ones you mention are in my top 10 in the list In my first post including the Brave and Bold issue.

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@comicfan11: Hmm, I'm willing to bet that the Dead King is a new villain. However, the resemblance to King Neptune is pretty uncanny when you take into account the fact that they are both older kings. Plus, they both sport the long white beard look. The resemblance is there, that's for sure.

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@paragon_sean: Yeah and Johns loves Silver Age stuff. It's an interesting possibility.

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@comicfan11: Yep, just seen it. Guess great minds think alike and all that jazz. There is some stuff in your list I disagree with though, for example, I'm not very fond of Johns' JL run in general. It's probably the worst thing he has ever written, even worse than his Brightest Day (there was some good stuff there, though). Not very fond of the Pozner/Hamilton mini or Emperor Aquaman either (then again, I liked only like two of the Flashpoint minis).

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@smashbrawler: Yeah I mentioned in the JL comments that it's not so well written but as far as big spectacles go it's pretty solid.

I included the Pozner mini because it was the only take on Aquaman so focused on magic and the camo suit was great.

For the Flashpoint story I got nothing. I really liked it, lol.

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@comicfan11: I biggest reason I dislike the Pozner mini is because it was so damn disappointing. When I first looked at the cover I was like "Oh, wow! This looks awesome! This is probably a modern, darker take on Aquaman unlike anything before, much like The Dark Knight Returns, Perez's Wonder Woman or Byrne's Superman!" and then I read it and it was just so generic, dated and overall unremarkable... blegh.

Yeah, not a fan :P

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@smashbrawler: Yeah going by the cover and the fact it was a new beginning it should be kinda better than it was. Certainly not comparable with the other stuff you mentioned. No argue there.

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@comicfan11: Speaking of the Dead King, I have a feeling he is going to die.

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5) Aquaman volume 4 #7 "What matters most"

4) Aquaman volume 5 #12 "Acts"

3) Flashpoint

2) Sub Diego

1) Brightest Day

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Haven't read much of the old Aquaman stuff but the New 52 Aquaman series is amazing!

I actually wouldn't put Throne of Atlantis as number 1. I would put it as a close second behind The Others.

1. The Others

2. Throne of Atlantis

3. American Tidal

4. The Trench

All of them are really close together, though.

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@batmannflash: All of the new 52 Aquaman is great. I like ToA better because AQ kicks more butt than the entire JL and is the first AQ crossover ever. The Others were great (my no.2) but the ToA is more important to the AQ character in general.

@justthatkid: Interesting choices. I really like Flashpoint Aquaman. The costume is classic.

@blackwind: LOL. Good guess probably

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My top five favorite Aquaman stories are:

  1. Throne of Atlantis
  2. Arthur Goes Hawaiian
  3. American Tidal
  4. The Others
  5. JLA: Executive Action (JLA vs Ultramarine Corps)
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Throne of Atlantis
American Tidal
The Trench
Those first three issues of Justice League Classified (can't for the life of me remember the name of the arc)
Justice League Classified: Cold Steel (I hope that was the title)
and the 13 issue run Mclaughlin did in the early 90's

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New 52 series is best aquaman comic of ALL TIME!

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1. The Others

2. Time and Tide

3. Throne of Atlantis

4. American Tidal

5. Death Of A Prince

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@lilben42: I assume you mean apart from the New 52 Aquaman and Justice League series (which most people know by now)

I suggest in chronological order

1) Peter Davids run - Atlantis Chronicles, Time and Tide and THEN his Aquaman run (1-49) including the Annuals. Then skip the Erik Larsen issues (50-62, unless you must know the entire story) and continue with the excellent Dan Jurgens issues (63-75)

2) Justice League A Midsummer's Nightmare(1-3) that leads to Grant Morisson's JLA (1-41, but some storylines don't include Aquaman), including JLA Classified 1-3, Annuals and Secret Files.

3) JLA Classified (1-3, 26-31, 50-54), JLA Showcase 80 Page Giant, JLA 80 Page Giant (1-3)

4) Stuff from the JLA of that era like JLA Gatekeeper 1-3, JLA Heaven's Ladder, JLA/Avengers (1-4).

5) During Our Worlds at War, JLA: Our Worlds at War oneshot (very important for AQ) that leads to the Obsidian Age in JLA. After that JLA Crisis of Conscience (by Johns, first time he wrote AQ extensively)

6) After that the next Aquaman Volume (check my list from the first post for the best stories of that run, including the Sword of Atlantis 46-47 issues). Although this run didn't have the highs of Peter Davids run, it didn't sink to the depths of the Erik Larsen run and had some great stories (American Tidal).

7) After that it's all Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Flashpoint and finally New 52 Aquaman and Justice League), which are the best Aquaman run ever (IMO)


8) Stuff that I put on my list like Brave and the Bold 32 or the JLA 80's Retrocative , are not that important to Aquaman's history, but are really good stories (better in many instances than his regular series).

In short dude, check my list and read according to the release dates.

Anything before that is fair game but not that great IMO and Aquaman is treated with much less respect. Peter David's run was what cemented AQ as b@dass.

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