Do you blame Vulko? Throne of Atlantis spoilers

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Spoiler alert!

Details about the story arc "Throne of Atlantis" will be disscused.Turn back if you havent read the story.Thank you.

So with throne of atlantis finished,we learn it was Aquamans royal adviser Vulko,who set up the events of throne of atlantis.He did it in an attempt to hava Arthur(Aquaman) take the throne of Atlantis,which he feels that Arthur both deserves the throne and is the best person to be in charge.Why? Well look at it this way. Both Atlantis and the surface world have xenofobic views about each other.Neither understand the culture and life details of each other.But there is one person that does.Aquaman.

So this war theirs would have come sooner or later and since it is logical to assume that Aquaman and the Justice league want Atlantis and the rest of the world to cooperate to prevent this to happen again.And with Arthur in charge that wont happen again.So, I dont blame Vulko but I think that there had to be another way to get Arthur to assume the trone.

What do you think?

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I do believe that Vulko is to blame. Although he has tried to claim his motives were more about putting the rightful king in place war between the surface world and Atlantis wasn't exactly looming around the corner, the humans didn't believe in Atlantis and the Atlanteans seemed content to stay where they were as long as they remained unharmed, but he (if I recall correctly) also professed that they would pay for what they did to him, so he was also fueled by revenge for being exiled. Bottom line though, whether he was more motivated by revenge or not he didn't necessarily prevent an eventual war but he did cost the lives of innocents, these are not traits of someone who is typically viewed as a good guy. Now if Vulko had gone to Aquaman first and said that he believes Atlantis is about to attack the surface world because of a missile strike then I would believe he was truly doing what he thought was best for his people, Arthur, and the world, but that is not the way he went about things so I do blame him, and I'm a little sad to see Vulko (after so many years) go to the other side of the line in the never ending battle of good vs evil.

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I just double checked, at the end of issue 16 of Aquaman Vulko says "They sent me into Exile. They will regret that." Which says to me that his true motive was revenge as stated above.

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Even if he want Arthur back as the King his methods were to drastic.

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It's hard to say. This catastrophe has two sides to the story. One could say he's a murderous mastermind and another could say that he was just trying to save the Atlantean race from corruption and protect the people of Altantis by doing the unthinkable. Well, his plan worked and now Aquaman is ocean again the rightful king to the throne of Atlantis. I have some sort of a soft spot for Vulko, a once the loyal advisor of Aquaman's family who was exiled by his own people, now imprisoned by the only person that he has left to protect from the Royal family, Aquaman. Kinda harsh if you ask me. But maybe him being behind bars is a good thing. We don't know what Vulko's capable of...oh wait we do!

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@the_judge_since_83: This. He went about everythibg the wrong way. I alao think he feels some kinship with Arthur, having both been mistreated by Atlantis, and feels that Arthur can make them see their errors. But again, causing a war isn't the best way to help.

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I blame Vulko. He tricked everyone, and now Gotham, Metropolis, Boston, and even Atlantis are paying for it. Orm, the TRUE king of Atlantis, rots in Belle Reve because of Vulko's lies. And for what? All he achieved is putting an unprepared outsider on the royal throne of Atlantis! Arthur may be of royal blood, but he is no Atlantian. He is not to be trusted. Even as the undisputed king of the Atlantian people, he thinks only of those pathetic humans. The very same humans, brothers and sisters, which despise our people and wish to rid us of OUR oceans. In short, Vulko has destroyed what Atlantis stands for. The integrity of the Atlantian people died with Vulko and his war; He deserves nothing more than death.

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He orchestrated a plot that resulted in the death of thousands of people. I blame him with absoluteness.

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@paragon_sean: Are you roleplaying or something bro? Or just trolling? Either way it was funny.

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Firstly, the title of the thread is kinda a spoiler...and secondly, YES he is to blame.

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@the_judge_since_83: The way I saw it is Aquaman abandoned Orm and his people. Vulko did want some degree of revenge, but I don't believe that was his key motive. He wanted Aquaman back onto the throne and that wouldn't have happened unless Aquaman realized he couldn't ignore Atlantis anymore and if Orm was no longer fit to rule.

It's no secret that Orm wasn't very find of the surface world, but he wouldn't have intentionally done anything to threaten innocent Atlantean lives. Of course Vulko's to blame, he orchestrated the whole thing.

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@blackwind: I was just bored and trolling, haha. I have never role-played before.

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