Comic Tomatoes: Aquaman 5

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ssue: Aquaman 5

Arc: Lost (Part 1)

Released: 1/25/12

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis

Rating: 100% (5 Positive 0 Negative)

Critical Consensus: With great art from Ivan Reis, the second arc of Aquaman starts out with a look at the mysteries of Atlantis.

Comic Vine: 5/5 (Fresh) Mat Elfring Super-awesome, amazing, fantastic, and other positive adjectives book! This book keeps getting better and better, and it's become one of my favorite on-going comic books from any company. I loved the story in this issue and how we get to see more of where Atlantis came from.

CBR 4/5 (Fresh) Doug Zawisza Plenty of mysteries and plot threads are started for the upcoming issues as the mystery of Atlantis continues to deepen. This title is a fun read with outrageous adventures that, as this issue proves, are unpredictable. Johns and company have found the way to make “Aquaman” a great title, and they’ve even done so without relying on any of Aquaman’s traditional foes.

IGN 8.5/10(Fresh) Erik Norris While I enjoyed the end of "The Trench" storyline, I will admit that the series lost a little bit of steam by the end of that story. Thankfully, Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have managed to suck me back in with the start of their latest story arc. Aquaman #5 is an incredibly well drawn comic that sets up an sure-to-be epic storyline. 9/10 (Fresh) This issue is mainly a set-up for the larger story Johns is telling, and I'm certainly interested to see where the story will go. Although was a little disappointed with how Aquaman escapes his situation(he just gets rescued), its still a great survival issue featuring some nonlinear story-telling. Overall, this series continues to show great art from Reis, and Johns starts to reveal the scale of his story.

My Humble Review (Fresh) Readers will also find they are being smoothly bridged from one arc to the next as the mystery behind the sinking of Atlantis is introduced. Great issue, and even better yet will be the next one when Mera goes solo!

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