Casting Call for Comic Book Movies: Aquaman

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The Aquaman movie seems to have been in development for years now. In 2007, Aquaman was going to be in Justice League Mortal; played by Santiago Cabrera. That movie was shelved though and since then nothing has come of it. In July 2009, it was reported that Leonardo Dicaprio's production company Appian Way was developing an Aquman movie. That was confirmed by the CEO of Warner Bros, Barry Meyer.

Bad-ass Aquaman

Now if done in the style that Thor was done in, Aquaman could be a really good movie. Unfortunately though, the general public commonly dismisses Aquaman as being a wimpy hero because most are only familiar with the version of Aquaman they remember from the older Super Friends cartoons or they only associate the character with being able to talk to fish which he can not do anymore. Get Kenneth Branagh onboard and a really good writer, the movie could then be really good. Aquaman doesn't need to be underwater like Thor doesn't need to be in Asgard in order for the movie to work.


Kenneth Branagh


Kenneth Branagh really did a good job with Thor and I think would be the perfect choice for Director on this project. He can take a somewhat outlandish character, take the character's entire history, and cram all that plus make it a very modern Shakespearean superhero film and you've got Aquaman. Nobody thought Thro would work unless the character was completely stripped down, Branagh didn't do that and was able to take Thor's 40 plus year comic book history and make it into a very well made believable and cool movie.

Add in some Shakespearean intrigue into Aquaman, and you've got a pretty interesting movie. Though I'm not quite sure Branagh could make Aquaman as tough we'd like to see him be in the movie and he'd probably got the route of doing Grant Morrison's Aquaman with the beard and make him more of a King instead of the younger warrior like Aquaman.

Still, I have faith that Branagh could do wonders with the bearded slightly older Aquaman. I myself am a fan of all versions of Aquaman and would love to see any version except the old campy version to come to the big screen. By having Branagh do an Aquaman movie, it could set up the Justice League movie which Warner Bros. is so eager to do. Explain how the Atlantean magic is just extremely advanced science, and feature a cameo of some other hero or even somebody from somewhere else that will form the Justice League and then you've got a great Aquaman movie.

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams did what everyone thought was impossible and made Star Trek cool. He redefined what Star Trek is for an entire generation and since Aquaman is generally viewed as uncool by the general public, Abrams could change everyone's minds on that. Course one problem is JJ Abrams is currently devoted to the Star Trek movies and as a result, he would have to choose between those and this. Big problem is if he left Star Trek to do this, who would take over the series. Certainly not someone like Brett Ratner but for me, I'd choose Bryan Singer.


Alexander Skarsgård

Aquaman is probably the most difficult character to cast as not too many closely even resemble the character or are even right for the role. Though the one actor I have found that I really feel could play the character is Alexander Skarsgard. The actor is currently starring on the popular TV show True Blood. I haven't seen the show so I can't speak for his acting ability but his looks are enough to convince me he's got what it takes to play Aquaman.

Obviously by the way Skarsgard looks, the slightly older bearded Aquaman would impossible to do because Skarsgard isn't old enough and I don't want to see him with a beard as Aquaman. I don't know if Skarsgard has an accent but considering he's from Sweden, I'm going to assume he does. Coming from Atlantis, I've always imagined Aquaman with some sort of accent and I think it's reasonable to assume that he has one because he's from a place isolated from the rest of the world.

Aquaman seems like a tall guy to me and I'm pretty sure Skarsgard is also pretty tall. He's played a soldier before in a critically acclaimed HBO series so I'm sure he can play a tough Aquaman and not a pretty boy version. He's well known to big TV people but to moviegoers, he's not a big star so he's perfect to be the main star of the film.

My other choice is Sean Bean. Bean would of course be playing the older even more bad-ass Aquaman. He's a very good actor and certainly has the build for the role. His work on the Lord of the Rings is certainly enough to convince me that him playing an older Aquaman would be incredibly awesome.

Beardy Aquaman was a whole different kind of character than the Aquaman we had seen before. He was grumpier and acted more like a pirate than anything else. I think it would be cool to see Sean Bean playing that version of Aquaman because I think audiences would be in for a big surprise with the character like that. He also during that time mainly had the harpoon hand which is something I personally would save for a sequel.


For Mera I had some difficulty in finding an actress but hunting around some forums on the internet, one actress in particular came to my attention. That would be Rachel McAdams. I haven't seen her act but I'm pretty sure she's a good actress and her beauty is just stunning. Seeing her on the screen with Alexander Skarsgard would be pretty cool. I'm pretty sure she could play the girlfriend of Aquaman. Yes, I did say girlfriend as I would not want to see the two married right away. From what I recall, the character of Irene Adler whom McAdams played in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes is somewhat of a tough girl as Sherlock Holes doesn't go after an ordinary woman.

For, Mera has to be tough. She can't simply be the woman who stays behind in Atlantis but instead goes after Aquaman in order to prove herself to him. He would at first reject the notion of taking her along but she'd prove to him that she can handle herself. McAdams is quickly becoming a popular actress and I think she'd be perfect for Mera.


Sean Bean

I wasn't sure what villain to really pick for this but after thinking about it, I decided on Orm-Aquaman's brother. Branagh's good at having brothers with conflicts as shown in Thor and the conflict between Orm and Orin (Aquaman) is bound to be pretty cool. Casting Orm is a different story. I liked Tom Hiddleston but I would never cast him in another role just like Loki. I honestly can't think of anyone to play him or any Aquaman villain for that matter. Hiddleston was a great Loki but I wouldn't want to see him play the same kind of character again. I guess I'll really have to think on this one.Though some more poking around internet forums, I stumbled upon a favorite of mine-Sean Bean. Sure he's older than Skarsgard but I'm sure somebody can find a way to explain the age difference.

Viggo Mortensen would be my choice for the role if Sean Bean were playing Aquaman. Both around the same age which is a good thing when having the two casted as brothers. They worked together on Lord of The Rings and while I'm not sure if Mortensen has played a villain before, I'm confident he could be awesome as Orm.

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