Can Aquaman fly?

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I didn't noticed this,I read Justice League 8 at least five times and yet I didn't seen this,but thanks to I know exist that possibility!!! Look to the scans above

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Nah he lacks the wings on the ankles. :p    Really though he was just free falling.

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and he would survive even at that height coz he's the friggin' Aquaman!

#4 Posted by Squalleon (6232 posts) - - Show Bio

He leaps high building in a single bound.............wait.................where do i have heard that before :-P

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@Squalleon: He wasn't leaping there,because the airplane explode and they just get ou,he stopped in the middle air. Iknow tht he leap building,did you know that I made a respect thread form him too?

#6 Posted by Squalleon (6232 posts) - - Show Bio

@matchesmalone21: i know he wasn't leaping i only said it for fun :-P

I gonna check out your respect thread!

#7 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

Poor Green Arrow, he got screwed over by the JLA.

#8 Posted by matchesmalone21 (9848 posts) - - Show Bio

@Dernman: If his just free falling,why GL didn't created a platform for him? another question,how Batman get there,if he isn't with them in the airplane?

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@matchesmalone21: batman was probably with them on the plane later on (or was already there).But aquaman is probably free falling because it seems like green lantern is bringing them down.OR most likely an artist error

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maybe the artist thought he had exact same abilities as namor, im not that knowledgeable in DC but im pretty sure aquaman never flew ,

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@matchesmalone21: Because as already shown Aquaman has the ability to jump to great heights and land on his own. Kind of like Superman in early action comics. Aquaman simply might not have needed it.  As far as Batman it was awhile ago that I read the issue so I can't comment on that.
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@cameron83: Batman wasn't with them,Flash confirmed this in previous can see it in Green Arrow respect thread

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@matchesmalone21: oh,well then I guess cyborged boomed him in later during the fight or something like that.

OR he came later on in the fight

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@cameron83: But why Cyborg would teleported Btaman to an exploded airplane?

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Hm. Looks like he can.. I guess?

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@Dernman said:

Nah he lacks the wings on the ankles. :p
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No. And he never should. A sea based character has no need for independent flight.

Besides, when you can jump like he can, he gets around just fine on land.

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lol im guessing its artist error

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I remember seeing this, but just shrugged it off. My guess is that Carlos D'Anda just made a boo-boo. It can't imagine John's script saying, "Have Aquaman flying in the background" :)

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He can't fly but he can jump extremely high (and consequently land without any trouble at all)

In this pic I think he is just falling.

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Aquaman should fly, if he can't already :P

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Look at WW flying and catching that plane! Beautiful!

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