Atlantean Strength Level

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The Atlanteans have proven many times before that they do possess great superhuman abilities and believe they themselves belong on the list of powerful races such as the Kryptonians and Thanagarians. They also have the ability to control the ocean, which is vastly made up of 75% of our world, as well as swim underneath the weight of the ocean floor, thus accumulating great amount of strength and durability as part of their main feats.

The Atlanteans all possess superhuman abilities and are one of the strongest races in DCU. Being of Atlantean Royalty, Aquaman and any blood of the royal family acquire great amount of superhuman strength and abilities, being able to lift 100 tons of weight in the water (25x tons more of ocean depth) as well as on land. Their trained warriors of the Atlantean Army also had the ability to take on the Justice League and their reinforcements and have been shown to be a brutal force in the New 52. Although, their full potential is yet to be determined, they have proven that they deserve to be listed has a powerhouse race.

The Atlanteans were once a thriving, powerful race in the world.

Murk and his frontline army are one of the strongest forces in the Atlantean army, considered this they are brute powerhouses. He has trained in the fire pits, being the only survivor to make it out and has defended King Orm against the Deep Six and Fire Trolls. Their full potential has yet to be determined. However within these next couple issues of Aquaman, we'll probably get to see some feats of theirs (Scans from Aquaman #17).

As for Atlantean artifacts, the full potential has yet to be determined. However, it is known that the relics are in fact very powerful weaponry in future technology and could cause much catastrophe.

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They sure are an amazing force. It would be good if DC established the strength of the average atlantean. I'm thinking they're at least something like the Asgardians who could lift around 25 tons.

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Atlanteans have always been a powerhouse race to me. I don't know about 25 tons tho.

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Aquaman is 100+ tonner and the most powerful physically Atlantean.

Ocean Master was able to tear apart a bus with his hands and hold his own for a while against Aquaman.

Normal Atlanteans like Murk have been seen lifting a fully loaded container over their heads.

They are clearly superhuman, but we don't know at what level so far.

They were a big force in the old DC (in multiple occasions like World War 3 in JLA) the Atlantean army was cold when the JLA needed heavy support. The Atlantean army was described as the most powerful in the world. With magic, weather manipulation, water control and high technology. Even time travel capabilities. They were also one of the centers of magic in the DCU.

Similarly in the New DCU they are shown as one of the most powerful races, able to KO Superman, WW and AQ. They also posses weather control, water control, earthquake weapons and very powerful magical items (like Aquaman's indestructible Trident).

In short they are very very powerful.

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@comicfan11: Nice evaluation on Atlantean strength levels bro, keep up the great work!

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