Arthur gets new look in october?

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Cover from Aquaman #24


#2 Posted by Paragon_Sean (70 posts) - - Show Bio

Judging from this picture alone, I prefer his current outfit. This one isn't bad, I like bearded AQ look.

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I doubt it's a new look, but if it is, then I'm temporarily dropping the title until he shaves.

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I don't think he will.
Just for some pages maybe

#8 Posted by SupBatz (2089 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't mind too much. The beard sort of suits him. Though I do miss the orange shirt.

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Maybe the older look means we can suspect a sidekick soon :) I just hope he doesn't get a harpoon hand or something :/

#10 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (41691 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm still hoping they'll go with the whole crustacean look they had planned

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Nooo I don't want the beard...ugh don't screw up his badass current look. I don't like beard, looks too old. And he needs his scale armor back!!!!

#12 Posted by TDK_1997 (16109 posts) - - Show Bio

Well he is shirtless and has a beard - that's not a new outfit.

#13 Posted by Black_Claw (3282 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell Yes! The beard is back!

#14 Posted by Raw_Material (3472 posts) - - Show Bio

Cool, this is probably just a temporary look he's putting on. I'm sure we'll be seeing the Aquaman Jim Lee and Ivan Reis sketched for the entire New 52 series.

#15 Posted by Pokeysteve (9357 posts) - - Show Bio

Must be for that gay porn shoot issue I heard about.....

#16 Posted by Veshark (9354 posts) - - Show Bio

No. Terrible outfit. He just looks like a cross between Namor and a 70s porn star.

Aquaman's costume is fine - it works - please leave it.

#17 Posted by matchesmalone21 (10009 posts) - - Show Bio

@awesam: Why that would matter,if the stories is good?

#18 Posted by BloodTalon (476 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the beard, but put your shirt on man.

#19 Posted by Knightfall225 (2145 posts) - - Show Bio

Im pretty sure that isnt his costume..... Just because he has no shirt doesnt mean its his new look

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I don't think it is and I'm hoping it's not.

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I think it's just temporary. Either way as long as we get some info on the history of Atlantis and the story is good, doesn't matter that much.

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where is my sea weed handlebar mustache?

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I can dig the beard.

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Beard means manly..

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Looks like he may be keeping the beard...

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I'm cool with the beard. I do prefer the younger Ivan Reis Aquaman look, but the beard is totally fine too. Though I hope he keeps that shirt on though haha. The orange fits him

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Hell yeah, we need more superheroes with facial hair.

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Eh, I like Aquaman. Whether or not he keeps the beard probably won't change that. Given the picture a few posts above, I'm more interested in what part the Trench will be playing in the next arc.

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@strangeman said:

Hell yeah, we need more superheroes with facial hair.

I know right!? Although, I never liked AQ's beard. It just doesn't look good on him. Maybe dial it down to a 5 o'clock shadow or maybe a little stubble.

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I hope the beard doesn't stay. If Aquaman has the beard, the shirt needs to go and he needs long hair. But as of now, I like the Ivan Reis look. However, is that the Trench backing him up? Nice.

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