Arthur, Garth, and Kaldur

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With Mera away from Arthur, unable to go with him to Atlantis, yet again, Arthur is at a point in his life where he is almost truly alone. After Throne of Atlantis, humans are wary of him, afraid to even get in the water, and as always, the Atlanteans are staying clasy with mistrust towards him, a lot of loyalty towards Orm still apparent.

Maybe not now, because as many others, I'm loving Mera at his side because she isn't a sidekick or a damsel in distress, she is his wife and his equal, with her own opinions that don't always match his. But, I feel Arthur will soon need someone else by his side, someone who feels what he has to endure. Garth seems to have gotten caught up in some controversy about his purple eyes. More Atlantean superstitious BS. And Kaldur, like Arthur, is half human, but I sort of wanted him to have something to himself that Atlanteans find...impure about him.

It could be interesting to see these three, somewhat shunned by their own people ending up their heroes.

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has kaldur made an appearance in the new 52 yet ?

i remember hearing of garth but no mention of kaldur

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The son of Black Manta should pop up soon based on old interviews I heard. Maybe Aquaman should form his own Justice league of Atlantis.

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@UrbanChill said:

has kaldur made an appearance in the new 52 yet ?

i remember hearing of garth but no mention of kaldur

No, and from what I heard on CBR, they have no plans to use him.

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I kinda have alot of people I want to see as supporting cast The Batman Family is big why not make the Aquaman family a pretty good amount where he can have some people monitoring different parts of the sea my List from favorite aquaman character's is Kaldur(Jackson Hyde), Garth (Tempest), Lorena (Aquagirl), Koryak (Narwhal) I like the tattoo it loos epic a Jason Like story, A.J. who has a Damian wayne look and could use rewriting, and Lagoon boy. I didn't add Tula and Mera as Supporting cast cause there already in the 52.

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