Arthur and Religion

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Now, we know that Aquaman is fully aware that gods do exist. He has seen them. He's threatened them. He's fought them. But has it ever been made clear if he has any religious or spiritual beliefs? Unlike Diana who's culture is littered with deities, Arthur doesn't constantly ask Poseidon to give him strength or anything. I don't feel Arthur is a worshipper of any deity. Especially ocean based ones. Does anyone have any opinions on this?

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Hey, if you don't get your powers from the gods and your able to back up a threat you make to a God, is there really a reason left to be religious? I submit that if you're capable of man handling a God, or forcing a God to bend to your will, you no longer have reason to worship that deity. When you need something from them you just go and take it. Now I'm not saying that Aquaman is the kind of guy who's going to go be a jerk like that, but, I can see how people like him, or Superman, or anyone who has gone toe-to-toe with a God no longer really feels like they should be religious. That's my guess on the topic, but I'm just a mere mortal who depends on the grace of God on a daily basis, I could be completely wrong and Arthur may worship in private when the artists aren't looking.

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Take the fact he is not human and his culture is not human.

So it could be the thing we understand as religion has nothing to do with they understands as religion.

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