Aquaman Sacrifice in Justice League

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WHERE IS ORM?! So awesome... :)

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such a comic book way to try and kill someone 

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I have to say, I prefer this version of the loss of his hand. Not because it's "badass" or anything, but because it perfectly illustrates just what lengths Aquaman will go to in order to save someone he loves.

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

such a comic book way to try and kill someone

Orm: I'm going to be needlessly cliche and have you fall into this pit of lave and leave you to your fate, rather than just murder you here and now. Surely this won't come back to bite me in the ass.

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Pre-52 or New 52 shouldn't he be stronger under water I remember the Grundy episode where he was fighting Wonder woman under water and made her pass out.

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@justthatkid: He should be, but unfortunately every comic book hero is vulnerable to bad writing at times. If he had been as strong as he had not only displayed in that 2 part episode already, or should be then they couldn't have had him lose his hand the way the wanted to.

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