Aquaman IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN Great

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So with the New 52 Relaunch I had my selected titles ready to be pulled and read... among so many not one of them was Aquaman. Not because I thought he was lame or the content would be stupid or anything like that, I just had too much to read with DC AND Marvel. Then the reviews started rolling in claiming a New Era for Aquaman. So after Liefeld came onto DC and I had dropped 3 books, Grifter, Hawkman, and Deathstroke, I started to read Aquaman by the Magnificent Grant Morrison. As I read each issue I made somewhat of a realization... I had read Aquaman before and these issues as much as they wanted to be called "re-imagining" of Aquaman really weren't... besides pointing out that he is a lame hero in the first issue nothing really had changed. It was very much Sea Based in location, the same villains but with some added mythology. But everybody loved THIS version... Why? For one USUALLY anything with Grant Morrison turns Golden, so smart move DC. But also I think the relaunch got people to read Aquaman who before would have laughed at the Idea. But when many people actually read this Hero's stories they were somewhat intrigued, I know I was. Aquaman gets a bad rap. The Aquaman stories we see today bare more than a passing resemblance to older Aquaman books. I think thanks to the relaunch Aquaman got the chance he deserved. TO AQUAMAN!

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To Aquaman *Cheers*

I am one of the many who forsaked Aquaman based on the jokes everyone else made and wouldn't have even bothered with his title if my sister wasn't such a big fan of his, but I read through and I really enjoyed his character. He is an Anti-Superman in a sense. He does everything he can for the world and his people and no one has ever stops to say "thank you Aquaman you are awesome" instead he is "that guy who talks to fish".

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Aquaman had some great stories in the past, but also some that were just plain horrible. This is just another stage where he's written great =)

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I've read some older Aquaman and I can tell you exactly why I didn't like them...

First of all, I thought the whole hook/water hand thing was stupid. Also, further back, he did actually converse with fish, which is also stupid. Next, many of the older stories had hippy (aka environmental) subtexts, which more often than not come off as preachy. And finally, he spent too much time in the water, which is unrelatable to me. If you look at the current series (Geoff Johns by the way, not Morrison ;) ), the majority of it is actually set on land. This might change with the upcoming Atlantis arc, but I think that's one of the reasons that this series has remained popular. It's not that Johns is this god of a writer, but because it's literally a "fish out of water" storyline, which people find intriguing. That's my 2 cents anyway :)

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The harpoon hand wasn't meant to simply be something to make him look cool or anything. It was meant to symbolize the place he was in during that part of his life. I liked the harpoon, as a weapon as well as it's other meaning. he water hand had potential, but was used the wrong way to the point that it was more of a liability.

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