Aquaman: Good or Bad

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I know that aquaman used to be a  lame character before. He was lousy in superfriends and fairly oddparents and family guy made fun of him with spoofs and parodies of him. but their were times when he was actually good like superman the animated series and justice league and justice league unlimited, even in the justice league video game he was useful and in justice league:crisis on two earths he could hold his own against the evil captain marvels (I don't know their names so sorry) even in batman: the brave and the bold he was good. He was funny but still good. Of course in blackest night he beat the crap out of everyone when he summoned dead sea life and in brightest day he going to fight black manta. So do you think Geoff johns is helping Aquaman a good thing or not

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Aquaman has always been an awesome character. His writing just hasn't been up to par.

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I really want him to get his own title. That would be incredible!

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@GreenLantern555 said:
" I really want him to get his own title. That would be incredible! "
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aquaman from justice league series (2003) acts bad
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Aquaman hahahahahahah (is it possible to say his name without laughing)

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@william knowles: Aquaman rules in the justice league
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why can't dwellers of earth and sea get along?
#8 Posted by Aeroman (551 posts) - - Show Bio
@william knowles: the world May never know
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I like seeing Aquaman come up in the world.  It's long overdue.

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