Aquaman #19 Preview

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So far, Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier have re-introduced quite a few familiar faces and even bringing about new characters into the New 52 Aquaman series. With only one more issue until John Ostrander (writer) and the collaboration of artists Manuel Gracia and Sandra Hope take over to write an issue, Johns and Pelletier have preceded to go further into evolving the Aqua world as Topo makes his first appearances back! If you were one of those people saying they wished to see Topo, Aquaman's pet octopus appear in the New 52 series, well here it is. Your wish has been granted, and so is mine! In the upcoming Aquaman issue, Topo will be making a re-appearance with a new badass design. Here is a preview of what is to come in Aquaman #19.

All scans brought to you by IGN.

Pretty cool, huh?! As you can see by the cover, is Aquaman no longer going to be a king of Atlantis and will he be overthrown of his authority? What do you guys make of this?

Who else do you want to see make an appearance in the New 52 series?

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@battle_forum_junkie@jwalser3@lone_wolf_and_cub@bladewolf@matchesmalone21@sethysquare: @blackwind: @comicfan11: @k4tzm4n@powerherc@dondave@theacidskull@yung_ancient_one@stormbox@sunman@sinestro_gl@veshark@joygirl@squalleon@gungunw@soa@z3ro180@danial79@avenging_x_bolt@thegoldenone and all the other viners actively using the forums, Check out a little preview of what's coming for Aquaman #19! Just something to get your tails wagging. Little spoiler, but nothing to keep you from picking up the issue though.

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Whoa. Topo grew a pair.

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@smashbrawler said:

Whoa. Topo grew a pair.

He's a beast now, huh?!

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I don’t like Aquaman's oceanic hellspider.

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Loading Video...

Topo has definitely taken a level in badass.

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Pelletier's art is gorgeous in this book!

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Thanks for the little teaser.

Aquaman #18 was the first DC issue I had ever bought. And I loved it!

I'm really looking forward to this one!

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This looks cool. Aquaman and Mera are two of the best characters in comics currently.

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@powerherc said:

This looks cool. Aquaman and Mera are two of the best characters in comics currently.

Yea I agree. One of the most coolest superhero (Aquaman) and sexiest female character (Mera) in the DCU for sure.

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Thanks I guess

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I must get my own Topo. So cute!

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Finally someone decides to get creative. Not scared of sharks, hmm? Well guess what, Arthur's friends with Lovecraftian sea monsters the size of skyscrapers.

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@raw_material: Hey, man, I'm just gonna switch this to the Aquaman forum. The Comic Book Preview forum is for the officially posted previews by staff only.


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