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The young Aquaman must contend with a foe from his namesake's past in "The Way of the Fisherman." But this villain is surprisingly different from the adversary of old!

The issue begins with a flash back from a year ago during which the Fisherman is brought into to a Gotham morgue to have an autopsy only for a xenoform lifeform to burst from underneath his helmet and be detained by Detective Driver.While in the present the three continue their journey forward to aid those who need it,while the Dweller continues questioning Arthur of his new connection to the various sea life.While six months in the past at a D.E.O. holding facility an alarm goes off with a guard attacked from behind by a Xenoform lifeform.While back in the present day the three travelers finally reach there destination a small village on the ocean floor, where they are met on arrival by a warrior.They then listen to the villager to hear who tells the tale of a monster who snatches villagers without being seen,with the trio staying the night in the village until time to investigate the beast's lair at the Shadowgate.The issue then flashes back to six weeks in the past where a room full of dead bodies is found with a cryptic message written on the wall.

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