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While King Shark and young Arthur Curry are comrades-in-arms today, there was once an Aquaman whom that snaggle-toothed warrior found himself at odds with! The saga continues, with guest appearances from Mera and Vulko!

As Orin unsuccessfully continues his search of the reef for the murderous King Shark,returning to the city to learn King Shark has captured Vulko.Aquaman then has Ptero act as his guide on the reef to find the Shark,while Mera begins her search for the Priest's of the Thorny Crown.As King Shark prepares to kill Vulko, Nemoi however manages to convince him that Vulko can be useful to his mission do to his vast knowledge.While elsewhere Ptero and Aquaman split up,with Aquaman following a woman which leads him to the sunken ship Nemoi and Vulko are being held captive on.They begin a battle which leaves King Shark in a frenzy from Aquaman's blood,but Shark is defeated due to the reef telepathically affecting his mind.Aquaman then allows Ptero to take credit for the rescue and defeat of King Shark in order to allow the people of the city to have hope,while Aquaman,while King Shark is left in the custody of the Order of the Thorny Crown.While Vulko then gains a moment with the captured King Shark warning him now to blindly follow his father's orders as his previous sons have never met pleasant ends.As the Atlantean royalty leaves the outpost pondering the prophecy,a girl made of coral arises,while back in the present Arthur is successful in disarming King Shark who is continually distracted by the Dweller who calls Arthur over and tells him it's time he begins his journey as a Champion.

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