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Don't miss the destructive and deadly climax of Aquaman's first true test of heroism! He must take command in an all-out undersea war to defeat an enemy who nearly killed him, and embrace or reject his destiny. Plus, Aquaman discovers new powers, and secrets behind his alliance with King Shark are revealed!

The newly freed Aurati and Atlanteans begin there losing there battle with their armored captors,while on the inside Ocean Master is successful in gutting the young hero. This forces the group into retreat with King Shark an Dweller getting the critically wounded hero away while Sea Devils try and delay The Ocean Master,while Mera is successful in finding the armor's weak point.King Shark is then driven into a frenzy by the amount of Arthur's blood leaving him in the Dweller's care to heal his wounds,as he returns to the battle. Arthur returning to battle develops a plan calling for all his forces into the chasm,however Orm defeats Dane as the walls fall crushing his forces in the rubble. However Orm escapes cutting Dane's throat so he and Daki may escape, with King Shark in pursuit as the Dweller heals him. Afterwards Mera deducing Dweller is in fact the true Aquaman charges Arthur to protect him,while the Dweller confronts the King Shark on why he has remained with the boy.While elsewhere at Tri-Dent industries Dr.Curry awakens, as a voice tells him hey have utilized experiential experiments to revive him before asking him about his son.

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