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Aquaman receives the news that his father is dead--and decides to rejoin King Shark and the Dweller to fight an undersea war!

Arthur begins his conversation with a ghostly Vulko who informs him of his connection to the true Aquaman,that his uncle had raised him as a boy.Vulko then offers his services to investigate the prophesies which the Dweller of the Depths has foretold,while leaves interrupting a fight between the King Shark and the ship's crew. The Captain then uses Maria a low level telepath who acts as Shark's voice, however growing frustrated at the continued threats by the crew returns to the ocean to await Arthur,bu not before one of the crew suggests he's with Arthur to eat him.Arthur then returns to Vulko who fills him in that the Dweller's prophecies were events in Orin's life,before telling him he is meant to rebuild Atlantis.Arthur is then called to he bridge where he is given the news of his father's death,before returning to the Ocean where he receives a telepathic message that Mera and her people need him. He then brings King Shark and the Sea Devils as they all go to assist her and her people.

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