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Manta's sting. 0

People have plenty of good reason to hate on Geoff Johns, but if there's one thing we all seem to be agreeing on is that his run on Aquaman is proving to us all that he's still got the chops to keep writing hard hitting and engaging stories.To begin with, Black Manta is an INCREDIBLE villain. John's does his best to make the character as threatening and as menacing as possible, and he succeeds at making it work. Rather than making him the sort of villain that just shows up and thrashes everyone ...

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Soldier of Ocean 0

I feel like this cover is too 'scene specific' and it's really pretty close to being a boring 'standard action' image that could simply be a panel, but something about the invisible lines of focus from back where all the animals are coming from, the guns are pointing... there's like a sunburst on the edge, and it kind of works.As nicely paced as the opening scene is, I have to laugh when Black Manta has to stab a gold rock into a sign that says "Psychiatrischer Krenkenhaus" in for it to say "Psy...

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Oh, Arthur! 0

Thus far, each one of these Others have shown enough potential to have their own individual titles. Prisoner of War alone could have his own series along the lines of G.I. Combat or Blackhawks. The twist between Aquaman and Manta was cr-azy, and the art as always, breathtaking.Please check my mini-review of Aquaman #9 here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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It's good it's just not special. 0

Issue 9 opens with Black Manta attacking The Prisoner in a German mental hospital. Why? Who knows. Overall, the story really flows a lot better than the previous issue though. The visual flow of the action on the page is better too - in the past, the character's movements haven't been as clearly illustrated as in this issue.There are some revelations about Aquaman's past here that add some real depth to the character, which is a plus. But aside from the primaries - Aquaman, Mera, Shin and Black ...

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No other choice 0

There is maybe nothing extremely exceptional about this series on its service in such issues, but everything works together in such a polished and smooth way that the stories become near perfection.  One of the main factors in that for my (somewhat biased) outlook is that Johns excels at writing strong female characters, and now there is not only Mera but also Ya’wara here.  That there is so much going on in this issue is not detracting from the overall effect, in fact it adds to it as there is ...

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