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Aquaman travels to South America to stop the Sea Devils from attacking an oil rig. Unfortunately, he arrives too late!

The Sea Devils are in South America on a oil platform trying to stop the drilling, when an explosion goes off. Meanwhile Aquaman is flying on a private jet, where he soon arrives at the U.N. where he is chastised by the King of Poseidonis over his actions against Nicodemus in New York. He is then called in to deal with the the Sea Devils environmental terrorism, despite Aquaman's skepticism that they would not do that .

Aquaman then accepts the job as the ambassador promises to use his influence to help Poseidonis's cause in the U.N. Aquaman then arrives to South America. Aquaman then swims to the oil well, where he sees the devastation caused by the explosion with him and much sea life being covered in oil. Biff and Dane then begin a fist fight in the wreckage with each other blaming the other for the devastation.Aquaman then interrupts demanding the fighting be stopped as lives are being lost, Aquaman then utilizes his telepathy warning ever animal nearby of the disaster, with the fear getting to the hero who punches Dane in the face.

The devils then set out to warn the people of the nearest city while Biff and Aquaman set out to cap the well. Meanwhile while Aquaman is away, Mission finds out the vote for Posiedonis has been moved forward, Aquaman then gets some help from a scientist with a invention claiming it will clean up all the oil, only for it to begin digesting the animals as well. Aquaman then leaps into action, only to begin drowning.

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