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Aquaman and Tempest continue their journey to find the next sister before The Thirst is able to, successfully arriving where they battle several female Norse valkeryies until showing his waterhand. The warriors then lay down there weapons swearing to aid Aquaman before taking him to the lady of the River, who rallies her forces to her defenses. Meanwhile Hagen and his council begin to plan an "accident" for Dolphin and Ceredian because of there ties to Garth and Aquaman preparing a new mutation for the job. While the Thirst finally arrives,planning to draw the Sister's warriors to the physical realm where they will be weak and easier to defeat. Aquaman recognizing this leaves the warriors behind as he goes to confront the Thirst with Garth battling his undead forces.

Aquaman and The Thirst continue battling aboard his ship,while Tempest deals with his zombie minions who begin to swarm him. The Thirst however succeeds in finding the Rhineghold,as Aquman attempts to stop the contamination of the the river and the goddess orders her valkeryies back to secret sea with several refusing.Aquman then arises from the polluted river, shining gold.

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