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Aquaman and Koryak fight the Deep Six!

Koryak and Aquaman have returned to Koryak's village to find Kako missing and Dolphin missing her face slowly suffocating, however Aquaman manages to save his friend's life by getting her into the water so that she can breathe utilizing her gills. Kako is then made the new fire elemental, known only as Corona. Aquaman and Koryak then decide it is time to kill the Deep Six, deciding to show no mercy for there actions.

Elsewhere in depths of the ocean Aqualad learns that the woman who has been assisting him is not in fact Tula, but a woman by the name of Letifos. Aqualad is then attacked by several of Letifos's people for intruding on their territory, who see it as an act of war. Meanwhile the Deep Six have captured Kako as she undergoes her metamorphosis into the elemental with the plan or using the spawn to turn her to her side by corrupting her soul. Aquaman then arrive at their base, attacking two members of the team in pursuit of their vengeance, killing them after forcing Jaffar to reverse his transformation of Dolphin.

Meanwhile at Poseidonis Vulko continues his research when the dome begins to rise. Koryak,Aquaman and Dolphin then invade the base flooding it, to even their odds. Aquaman and Koryak then find the spawning chamber, where they discover Kako who they free. While a captured Aqualad awakens surronded by many of his captors who decide he is to dangerous to be freed.

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