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The Deep Six has targeted the Inuit home of a significant member of Aquaman's family. Now the Sea King must battle six foes from Apokolips, each more powerful than he is.

Aquaman and Koryak battle the sea monster which terrorizes the Alaskan village, with Aquaman being surprised at his son's powers. Aquaman and Koryak then begin searching a underwater cave, where he reaches out to him, however Koryak is captured. While Dolphin questions Kako of her feelings for Aquaman, as Jaffar of the Deep Six busts in the house seeking Koryak.Meanwhile Aqualad searches for Tula, where where he finds a miniature whirlpool, with the same capabilities of the cave of death on the outskirts of Atlantis.

Aquaman then begins his search for Koryak, managing to sense an ambush as Koryak frees himself by biting his captor,before being defeated. Aquaman then battles his son's captor. The Deep Six then make an offer to Aquaman feeling him to be a kindred spirit, as Kako's village is being terrorized by several members of the Deep Six. The Deep Six then show Aquaman their spawning chamber, where they learn of the Deep Six's children are being born with their desire to capture a new elemental in order to control an aspect of the Earth itself. Meanwhile Jaffar overcomes Dolphin, with Kako attempting to aid her only be sent flying into a burning home which Koryak senses with the two returning back to the surface where Aquaman finds Dolphin with her face missing.Aqualad then finds the woman who he believed to be Tula, who urges him to leave the sector of the ocean before he is spotted, which he refuses.

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