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It's the end of the road for Black Manta as a final battle takes place between Aquaman and his son's murderer!

Aquaman continues seeking his revenge on Black Manta, who has destroyed Mercy Reef further earning him the Sea King's wrath, prompting Aquaman to set out to finally kill Manta. Meanwhile Vulko's slowly recovered as Manta arrives to Atlantis with the army of Tritonis set to invade. Aquaman soon arrives, but is stopped by Manta's weapon which effects his mind, while utilizing a variant of Scarecrows toxin which has been adapted to work on sea life.

With city destroying itself under the strain of the gas, the Tritonians move in to destroy all the Atlanteans still alive.However one Atlantean returns to Aquaman's aqua cave returning with Aquaman's symbol, spurring the citizens to defend themselves against their invaders much to Manta's shock. Aquaman is then torn between Manta and aiding his citizens,but when Iqula returns goes to battle Manta as Iqula aids in repelling the invaders.

Aquaman then enters Manta's ship, attempting to finally kill Manta, overcoming everything the villain throws at him. However Manta manages to briefly overcome him through mind games, and attempts to escape believing Aquaman to be about dead. He then telepathically calls for aid, with fish destroying Manta's suit causing it to fill and Porm to help him escape Manta's ship as it slips slowly down a crack in the ocean.

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