deranged_midget's Aquaman #6 - Deserted! review

A darker side to Mera...

Johns finishes off his first arc with Aquaman by taking a complete focus on Mera instead of the title character himself.

The Good:

Aquaman has been a series so far that has impressed to a degree where I've taken a completely new interest into the character. I credit Geoff Johns of course for his excellent writing and for revolutionizing Aquaman for a new era and a different audience. In this issue, Johns puts a bigger focus on Mera and introduces us to a past that she has long hoped to be forgotten.

Mera is written here as still distant to the human population, still mostly headstrong and unwilling to see herself brought down to a human level. While I usually always enjoy an Aquaman issue, Johns seemed to simply write a "filler" this time around, with little-to-no progress or import to the main story, which doesn't mean it's isn't good though. You won't find anything that exactly jumps out of the page at you or stands out, but it's a fun and interesting pit stop.

The art by Ivan Reis, is as always, exhilarating and a thrill to look at. Expertly crafted set pieces and even if there was a lack of words, you'd without a doubt be able to read the characters expressions to know what's going through their minds. Reis' pencils are beautifully coupled with Rod Reis' colours which make for some of the best art I've ever seen in a comic book by far.

The Bad:

Now, while I usually have nothing negative to say about an Aquaman issue, I find that the focus on Mera was simply to connect us further to the character and her struggles to accept Arthur's decision to remain on land rather than to return to Atlantis. This isn't terrible, but as I mentioned, it basically just drags on.

The Verdict:

Simply serving as a "filler" issue, Johns still is able to craft an interesting side story and enough content to push the audience along with him. The cliff-hanger ending will keep fans anticipated for the next arc and hoping Johns continues his fantastic work on an underrated character.

Posted by PowerHerc

Nicely put. Aquaman is a lot more appealing to comic buyers since the "New 52" kicked off and the art of Ivan and Rod Reis is beautiful to behold.

I like seeing more of Mera, so I'm glad to hear she's the focus in this issue.

Good review.

Posted by Deranged Midget

@PowerHerc: She's a strong and independent character and well displayed in this issue.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by PowerHerc

@Deranged Midget: Mera has been a favorite of mine for well over 30 years so, for me, it's good to hear she's got the spot-light in in this issue. I'll be getting it.

You're welcome.

Posted by Deranged Midget

@PowerHerc: You won't be disappointed then!

Posted by lykopis

I have to get into Aquaman -- I've heard nothing but good things about it (unless it's changed recently). Mera seems like an extremely interesting character.

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