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Aquaman must contend with not only NATO gunboats but also Fisherman and the Scavenger. Plus: Mera engages in fierce combat with Leron in an effort to save Xebel!

Prey Perilous!

Aquaman has come to the Marianas Trench, in pursuit of the Fisherman. His unwelcome arrival, however, is met with gunfire from a NATO gunboat. Aquaman dives under the boat, then springs back up to board it. A telepathically summoned octopus takes out the boat's gunner. Aquaman and the NATO captain exchange heated words. Suddenly, the ocean begins to churn. A waterspout, filled with rock and debris, erupts from the ocean, in very close proximity to the gunboat. Taking damage to it's rudder, the gunboat's helmsman is unable to steer the vessel clear, and, in fact, it's being drawn towards the waterspout. Aquaman telepathically summons whales to form a living channel around the gunboat, guiding it to safety. Aquaman then dives below the waves to confront the likely cause of the unnatural phenomena, the Fisherman. Using a "sonic scoop", provided by his mysterious employer, the Fisherman is in the midst of freeing the sunken ship, Bellerophon, from it's resting place, atop a rocky precipice. Without hesitation, Aquaman attacks. The Fisherman, however, is not alone. In short order, Aquaman finds himself surrounded by a group of men wielding 12 gauge "bang sticks", a weapon used to fend off sharks. Meanwhile, in Portugal, the enigmatic figure behind the Fisherman's crimes takes time out to taunt his hostage, one General Horgan. Horgan is informed that he has been brought to Portugal to bear witness to the country's demise.

The Fisherman's goons are a poor match for Aquaman, who easily defeats them all. In the melee, the Fisherman hurls his torpedo lure at Aquaman, who deflects the missile with one of the "bang sticks". The resultant explosion jars the "sonic scoop" out of place, changing the direction of it's vibratory beam. With the front of the precipice being demolished, the Bellerophon pitches forward and slowly slides into the abyss of the Marianas Trench. Aquaman summons a giant squid, ordering it to catch the vessel, but the ship's weight proves to be too much for the squid. The Bellerophon is lost. Only for a few moments, though. Suddenly, the Bellerophon rises from the abyssal depths, held in the claw-like grip of the scorpion-shaped submarine of the Scavenger. Aquaman attempts to board the Scavenger's submersible, but is repelled by an electrical jolt. The Fisherman takes this opportunity to abandon his mission, opting instead to kill his old foe. Casting his line around Aquaman's neck, the Fisherman drags the Sea KIng towards the "Sonic Scoop's" vibratory beam. Instead of fighting against the Fisherman's pull, Aquaman swims straight into the beam, allowing it's vibrations to snap the Fisherman's line. Aquaman is drawn out through the "Sonic Scoop's" debris removing vacuum tunnel, delivering a velocity enhanced haymaker to the Fisherman, upon exiting. The Fisherman is sent, on dolphin back, to the surface, for NATO to take into custody. Aquaman then begins his pursuit of the Scavenger.

The Kingdom Of Doom!

Desperate to save the life of her infant son, Mera has returned to her native Dimension Aqua, in search of a special healing machine. Upon her arrival, Mera is astonished to find the treasonous Leron sitting on her former throne. The scientist who invented the healing machine, Xebel, is a tortured prisoner of the new king. Mera lashes out at the palace guards, using her ability to control and manipulate water to subdue them. Just as Mera is finishing with the last of the place guards, she is assaulted by the barbaric Yarto. Though lacking in intellect, Yarto's immense strength makes him a daunting adversary. Mera is barely holding her own against the brute, but when Leron threatens to execute Xebel during their conflict, Mera rallies. After quickly, and mercilessly, beating down Yarto, Mera attacks Leron. Leron uses his own ability to control and manipulate water against Mera, caging her in a water construct. Mera shatters the cage with her own water constructed hammer. A pitched battle of wills and water constructs ensues. Mera's eventual victory leaves Leron's mind shattered. Mera frees Xebel and tends to his injuries. Mera requests the use of Xebel's healing machine to save her son. Xebel informs her that Leron had removed all of Xebel's scientific devices when he took power. Only Leron knows where they are. Mera vows to unlock the secrets lost in Leron's ruined mind, or die trying.

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