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Aquaman and  Noble both continue to try and save Mera's life from the Lava Lord despite their being significantly weaker using teamwork collapse a tunnel defeating Lava Lord. Aquaman then forbids the fire trolls from attacking any more Lurkers as they leave the tunnels. Meanwhile Blubber the whale continues learning to walk with his new exoskeleton in preparation for exploring the surface world alongside Lagoon Boy and Sheeva.While back in Atlantis the citizens grow frustrated at new species who have made Atlantis their home at Aquaman's invitation.  
While Aquaman learns of the growing corruption in the city with guards being paid off and people becoming addicted to the hallucinogenic oils of the Gindola. Arthur then meets with Garth angry over the situation of the city, while Garth questions if it has to do with Mera remaining with Noble. Aquaman then comes to the surface to stop a oil spill where he meets up with Superman and comes across Shrapnel the culprit of the destruction. The two heroes struggle trying to capture him with Shrapnel exploding and reforming to escape until superman uses his heat vision fusing him solid. 

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