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Aquaman and Mera arrive in Noble's city where Mera grows closer to Noble who reminds her of a younger Aquaman before all of the tragedy that had changed him. While Aquaman in a bid to change the subject questions Noble about the tunnels there city is built on, he reveals they were made by Rockcreatures who live in them Aquaman then desires to explore them which Noble advises against,however he then learns they have stolen more women from the city with Noble refusing to do anything due to the myths of their power. Mera is then taken with Aquaman following despite Noble being afraid to follow but pushed into it at Aquaman's urging.  
It's then discovered to be Fire Trolls are the creatures dwelling under the city, with the two racing to save her. While back in Atlantis Garth struggles with his responsibilities as High Councillor. While underground Aquaman rescues a nearly unconscious Mera with her only word being Noble, while Aquaman confronts the Lava Lord a fire troll he created when he dropped one in toxic waste.

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