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A surrounded Aquaman is forced to use his allies to make an opening for his retreat, having Mera use her powers to destroy the ships while Tempest and Dolphin attack as Aquaman instructs his shoulders to use hit and run tactics on their far stronger adversaries.  While Noble commands his forces to battle to the death, firing a huge energy blast towards a building with a child still present which is out of everyone's reach, however Noble leaps to their aid saving the child's life. But Mera and Noble talk with the language barrier preventing them from making peace as Aquaman sends Noble flying through the use of a whale much to Mera's surprise.  
Aquaman and noble then continue their battle with Noble feeling it a cheap trick for Aquaman to resort to using beasts in his battle.Noble then flies into a rage when Aquaman claims to be the king of the seas feeling that title belongs to him as he is far older as Aquaman heads to the palace to gain a replacement hand for his battle.While Tempest continues his battle outside, rushing to save Dolphin's life boiling her attackers blood in retaliation for harming her.While Aquaman forces noble to experience the bends,in the hopes his foe will explode with Aquaman sparing his life in hopes of a compromise with Noble becoming a general for Atlantis and inviting Aquaman and Mera to his city. while the citizens of Atlantis attack Lagoon Boy for his appearance while Garth  questions Aquaman's choices and not running them by him.  

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