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Triton has tracked down Atlan, killing the ancient sorcerer for his part in the birth of Aquaman. While back in Poseidonis rebuilding their life's in the city following it's use as a weapon against the Milenium Giant as Tempest addresses the people to the coming of the election for High Councillor, Vulko then challenges Aquaman's right to do this as Tempest passes out sensing Atlan's fate. Meanwhile Aquaman oversees the rebuilding of Nuada's people, before reaching out to Garth through the The Clear who lets him know the threat is heading towards the city and he is on his way with what little aid he can find. 
Triton then arrives bringing Timmorn's son to Nuliajuk to bring out the young monster's full potential which she readily does. While back in the city Vulko and Dardan continue their plan to get Koryak elected to the High Councillor against Garth who they feel would be little different then the king with Koryak offering the solution of something happening to Garth. Garth then arrives to find Koryak to prepare for the immanent attack, but are unable to be ready when Triton arrives. Tempest then heads out to meet Triton as the city's first line of defense,but is easily defeated. While in the ocean two fish find Atlan's body managing to get it inside of his magical bag,  with the last line's of defense proving ineffective. Fortunately Aquaman arrives riding a whale attacking the god while commanding the ship to move the city away. However it is prevented by Timmorn's newly mutated son attacking the city, killing the sentient entity which the city floats on.  
Aquaman then enacts his plan as Triton talks Dolphin leaps from behind stealing his Triton, as he commands his army of sea creatures to attack.However Triton then reveals that it is merely a focal point before wiping out  Aquaman's army with Dolphin being attacked by the monster as the Triton returns to Triton. As the city sinks back to the ocean floor, Aquaman calls for his fish army to regroup but is attack viciously by Triton with Aquaman challenging his refusal to kill him as cowardice before being stabbed through the chest. 

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