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Sentinel and The Flash have come into battle against gigantic monster with Sentinel preparing to kill the monster only to be attacked by Aquaman who wants to speak with the monster himself. He then refers to it by its name, Timmorn revealing he knew it as a boy before letting it go when it promises to never return to land again. Aquaman then delivers a chest full of gold to Sentinel to use to cover the damage, and gives Joan a ancient necklace as a sign of respect for hers and Jay's fiftieth anniversary.

The next night the two couples go out for dinner with Alan voicing his distrust of Aquaman, with Jay and Joan defending the undersea hero. While Jay enjoys his anniversary Timmorn begins to return to the resort as Aquaman tends to some captured Dolphins.

The Flash then becomes angry at the monster for once again ruining his anniversary attacking it until being swatted away, with Sentinel being forced to aid a man having a heart attack while Joan saves Jay by scooting a power line into the pool the monster stands in making it angrier.

Aquaman then arrives and knocks the monster out, with Sentinel alerting him to the death of a civilian with the intention of one of them killing the monster, Aquaman then takes it out to sea asking him why he decided terrorizing people was now a game with him just saying it suddenly came to him before Aquaman kills him by using his hook into his brain. Triton then brings Timmorn's son to his father's body declaring Aquaman did it telling him he will show him how to gain his revenge.

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