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Aquaman and Tempest are once again forced to defend all of Atlantis as one of the Milenium Giants marches through the ocean, Aquaman then orders the city evacuated again to use it as a weapon against their foe while Vulko tries to convince Koryak to run for High Council.  Aquaman then tries to use his telepathy to ward the giant away only for it to become angry setting it's sights on the two heroes. Fortunately Superman Red arrives to save them. Aquaman and Tempest then split up with Tempest preventing a tsunami from wiping out an island resort as Aquaman heads to regroup with Superman. Aquaman then uses his telepathy to force the giant to release a group of whales he has captured 
Aquaman then uses all the firepower of his city, combined with Superman's full energy out put which has no effect. Aquaman then calls in the next wave of the attack the entire telekenetic power of the Thierna Na Oge to attack the giant. While Triton continues his plot bartering his protection to the mother of Monsters in exchange for the mother of all monsters. Superman once again joins his power with the Theierna Na Oge while Aquaman continues attacking telepathically knocking him over. However he isn't hurt getting right back up and heading to Nuada's city to destroy the power supply with Spought inside, however he is saved by Aquaman with the entire city being completely destroyed with most of their mystical power gone. 

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