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Aquaman and Tempest reunite for the first time since the former Sea King's trial. Tempest wants to show his magic power to his adoptive father and hatches a plan to sneak Aquaman into post-Obsidian Age Atlantis…by turning them both into fish! But when his spell goes awry, it might condemn the duo to life in their new bodies…permanently!
Tempest comes to the surface in order to try and get Aquaman to come back to his people and release them from slavery under Gamemname. Tempest and Aquaman use a form of sorcery to put their minds into fish. They head down to the new Atlantis to see how it has changed. Arthur discovers Mera captured by Hagen. They are quickly discovered that they are not fish and have to run from barracudas. On land, Arthur and Tempest's bodies are discovered, unconscious, by Atlantian guards. Sweeney saves them by driving her car at them. Arthur & Tempest escape and get back to their bodies. Arthur vows to take back Atlantis after the horrors he's seen. Lady of the Lake appears and tells him that he can not use his new hand in anger.

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